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New Turkish President Seen as Both Competent and Controversial

Critics have expressed concern that Turkey's strong secular traditions could erode under his leadership. Mr. Gul has assured secularists he is no threat to those traditions.

Gul Sworn in as Turkey's New President

Abdullah Gul has been sworn in as Turkey's new president, following his election earlier in the day by the country's parliament.

US Calls On China to Explain Anti-Satellite Weapon

The U.S. government has asked China to clarify its intentions following the successful test of an anti-satellite weapon last week, that was reported this week by the publication Aviation Week and Space Technology. The State Department has also expressed concern about the space debris that resulted from the missile hit on an old Chinese satellite, saying it could endanger people in space and on the ground.

Some Worry China's Booming Stock Market is a Bubble

China's stock market is soaring as investors in the country rush to buy stocks and mutual funds. While some analysts believe the bull run will continue, others are worried that the boom is a bubble, which could quickly collapse.

Chinese Spokesman Says No Knowledge of Anti-Satellite Test

China's Foreign Ministry says it can not confirm reports that the nation successfully tested a new anti-satellite weapon last week.

The Patriotic Diaspora

An NRI is an Indian Citizen who has migrated to other country in search of better prospects or for any other reasons. Indians from all parts of the country & different ethnic backgrounds have migrated to various parts of the world & hence they are categorized as NRIs.

Japan Protests China's Satellite-Killer Test

Japan has joined the United States in expressing concern over China's apparent test of a weapon that attacks satellites in space.

Millions Expected to Gather for Hindu Festival in Northern India

Millions of Hindus are expected to gather in the northern Indian city of Allahabad for a dip in the Ganges River Friday, considered the most auspicious day in the "Ardh Kumbh Mela" religious festival.

Crocodile Hunter's Steve Irwin dies at 44

Steve Irwin, the environmentalist and star of The Crocodile Hunter, died Monday after an accident with a stingray near Cairns, Australia, according to local Australian media. He was 44.

New Zealand diplomats: Fiat using Maori haka in television ad is insensitive

Italian car company, Fiat, has used the haka to advertise its new car and New Zealand diplomats says it is culturally insensitive.

Arroyo Declares "State of Emergency" in Response to Coup Attempt in Philippines

President Arroyo has declared a state of emergency in the Philippines following reports of a coup attempt by elements of the military.

Chinese Party Elders Denounce Media Censorship

A group of former senior Communist party officials in China have denounced the recent closure of an investigative newspaper, along with the condition of government censorship.

Australian Prime Minister Worries Over 'Extremist' Muslim Immigrants

Australian Prime Minister John Howard says he is concerned about "extremist" Muslim immigrants, insisting such people are antagonistic towards the wider community. Mr. Howard's remarks have sparked criticism from Islamic leaders in Australia.

China Dismisses US Threats Over Trade

China is lashing out at the United States after the U.S. Trade Representative said Washington will use all options to curb what is now a record trade deficit with the Chinese.

Bali Nine ringleaders sentenced to death

The ringleaders of the so-called Bali Nine were yesterday sentenced to death by a Denpasar court. Andrew Chan received the news via translators at about 3:45pm AEDT, and Myuran Sukumaran was sentenced at about 4:50pm AEDT.