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Obama's Secret Brother Drama: No One Knows I Exist

George Hussein Obama, located in Nairobi, has been interviewed by Vanity Fair Italy. He lives with less than a dollar per month and is ashamed to be Barack's brother.

Mozambique: Concern Over Aftershocks in Wake of Huge Quake

Mozambique was hit by the most powerful earthquake in over a century soon after midnight on Thursday, causing panic and confusion and forcing many residents of the capital, Maputo, to flee their apartment buildings.

Liberia: Crumbled System Leaves Suspects Languishing in Jails Without Trial

During the final months of the civil war, when rebel fighters bombarded the capital Monrovia, Liberia’s central prison took mortar hits and prisoners scrambled over the rubble to freedom.

SUDAN: Millions in Need of Food Aid Despite Improved Harvest

Nearly seven million people in Sudan will need food aid in 2006 despite a reasonably good harvest of the 2005-2006 crop, United Nations agencies have reported.

Too White to Be Black - The Challenge of Albinism

Professor John Makumbe was almost killed at birth by a shocked mid-wife in a mission hospital in rural eastern Zimbabwe. He went on to form the Zimbabwe Albino Association to lobby for people living with albinism.

Somalia: Hundreds of Thousands Affected by Water Shortages

Hundreds of thousands of people in drought-hit areas of Somalia are facing dehydration, with some having to drink their own urine as chronic water shortages persist, aid agency Oxfam International said on Thursday.

West African cholera claims more than 500 lives, more deaths feared

United Nations (UN) health officials are concerned that inadequate health services in the region could result in many more deaths.

World Health Organization declares tuberculosis emergency in Africa

The number of Tb cases in African countries per year has quadrupled since 1990, and continues to rise. Now 540,000 people die of the disease in Africa every year.

Bush and Mbeki Discuss Sudan, Zimbabwe

US, S. African presidents met at the White House Wednesday.

Supporters of Guinea-Bissau's Ousted Leader Protest in Capital

Supporters say government must recognize him as president, because military overthrew him before he could finish his mandate.

Defense analyst considers NATO's role in African conflict region

Published reports say NATO is drawing up proposals to help the African Union do a better job of peacekeeping in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Cameroon, Nigeria Agree to Expedite Boundary Talks

Presidents of Cameroon and Nigeria have agreed to expedite negotiations aimed at withdrawal of Nigerian troops stationed along disputed land and maritime boundary.