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Russia: US missile shield in Europe prompts arms race

US agreements on deploying elements of its missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic provoke an arms race and do not provide for European security, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Russia Pulls Back Some Forces, But Stills Holds Key Points

Even as Moscow says it has begun the promised pullback of its forces from inside Georgia, reports indicate Russian forces continue to occupy strategic positions around the country and show little sign of leaving.

Israel retracts war on Iran threats

Israel's Interior Minister warns Tel Aviv against attacking Tehran saying such an attack would be a 'megalomaniacal reckless' idea.

U.S. and Poland sign AMD deal

Poland has agreed to a U.S. proposal to host parts of a global anti-missile system despite strong protests from neighbouring Russia. Moscow is against the move and says it will further damage its already delicate relations with Washington.

Ahmadinejad: Zionist regime to be dismantled soon

Referring to the Zionist regime, President Ahmadinejad described it as the main cause of all corruption and wickedness in the contemporary era, adding that the Zionism is the most complicated political and social scheme which has ever taken place.

Poland, US Sign Missile Agreement

The United States and Poland have formally signed a deal to deploy American missiles in the east European nation. The United States says the missiles are needed to guard against attacks from rogue states like Iran; Russia says the deployment threatens its own security.

Obama's Secret Brother Drama: No One Knows I Exist

George Hussein Obama, located in Nairobi, has been interviewed by Vanity Fair Italy. He lives with less than a dollar per month and is ashamed to be Barack's brother.

Pope: The rights of ethnic minorities caught up in the conflict between Russia and Georgia must be respected

In an Angelus address resonant in meaning the Holy Father said the rights of ethnic minorities caught up in the conflict between Russia and Georgia must be respected.

U.S. missile shield in Europe targets Russia - Medvedev

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday he has no doubt that a planned U.S. missile defense shield for Central Europe is aimed against Russia, but Moscow is ready to continue talks with all parties concerned.

Iran: We will protect our waters

The Iranian Navy is more capable than ever in protecting our waters in the Persian Gulf, says Iranian Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

Georgia Crisis Hurts Russian Relations with West, but West's Leverage Limited

Two days after Russia and Georgia agreed to a cease-fire, the truce has yet to be fully implemented and Russian forces have yet to leave Georgian territory. Added to that has been a raging war of words and thinly veiled threats.

Russia: US Allowed Georgia to Attack

Georgia's attack on South Ossetia was likely approved by the United States, says Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin while former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze said that "the new Cold War has been instigated by the USA."

US troops to fly in to Georgia

The US is to send troops to embattled Georgia in the form of a humanitarian aid exercise, President George Bush announced today.

Russia Minister Plenipotentiary in Sofia: Georgia's Policy Is Genocide

According to Ivan Hotoulev, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria, the conflict in Georgia was the result of a planned military action on the part of Tbilisi, whose name "Clean Field" simply spoke about the action's goal, adding that Russia was going to collect evidence of Georgian genocide in the area.

US lighting Mideast powder keg?

Three more US warships are reportedly heading towards the Persian Gulf amid ongoing tension in the region.