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Czech President Klaus Signs Lisbon Treaty; Says the Country Has Lost Its Sovereignty

"The Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state" once the treaty enters into force, Klaus said after signin the Lisbon Treaty.

Ukraine pleas for help as flu epidemic spreads

Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko has called on the international community to help the country combat the swine flu epidemic which hit the country last week. Kiev is taking emergency measures to stop the outbreak.

Flu, or Something Else, Panics Ukraine

A panic is under way over H1N1 flu in western Ukraine, including quarantines and panic buying of drugs in Lviv, Ternopil, and other towns.

LaRouche Nails Bush Crowd For Bailing Out Their Brutish Friends

Lyndon LaRouche today continued to assail the Bush Administration’s multi-trillion-dollar bailout swindle, charging that the socalled Paulson Plan would hand trillions of dollars in U.S. taxpayers’ money to foreign financial interests, particularly British interests.

U.S. Financial Crisis Worsens

The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shows that the U.S. is “more communist than China right now” but its brand of socialism is meant only for the rich, investor Jim Rogers, CEO of Rogers Holdings, told CNBC Europe.

Italian Senators Introduce Motion For LaRouche's New Bretton Woods

Sen. Oskar Peterlini officially presented to the Italian Senate a "Motion for the Reorganization of the International Monetary System: the New Bretton Woods." The motion calls upon the Italian government to "act internationally to promote" a new system, "modeled on the New Bretton Woods as proposed by the American economist, Lyndon LaRouche."

US Lawmakers Continue to Voice Concerns Over Financial Bailout

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have voiced concern to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about proposed steps to bailout U.S. financial institutions.

Bush Warns of Painful US Recession Without Quck Action on Rescue Plan

U.S. President George Bush has invited both presidential candidates and the Congressional leadership to the White House in hopes of securing a deal to help the nation's ailing financial sector. The president urged public support for the rescue plan in an unusual nationally broadcast speech to the nation late Wednesday.

Tremonti's New Bretton Woods Proposal Will Be On G8 Agenda, Says Frattini

In response to a question from EIR, who asked if Tremonti's New Bretton Woods proposal would be on the agenda, as Italy takes the chair of the G8 this year, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini replied, "Tremonti intends to propose a new item for the G8 finance ministers which is to build a new Bretton Woods arrangement."

World's Central Banks Team Up to Boost Sagging Markets

US Federal Reserve says it will auction up to $180 billion to markets in coordinated action with central banks in Canada, Britian, Japan, Switzerland, European Central Bank.

US Rescues AIG with $85 Billion Loan

The US Federal Reserve Board said a bankruptcy involving AIG would cause significant problems in the world's already fragile financial markets.

President promises liquidity wont be a problem for Russian business

Dmitry Medvedev has promised Russian business there will be no shortage of bank finance. He said the government would minimize the negative impact of the global financial crisis and the military conflict in South Ossetia.

U.S. Military Opposes War

A few brave patriots in high places are fighting to avoid an invasion of Iran and destruction of the Constitution in the four months left of the reign of President Bush. They do so at great personal risk.

Lehman files for bankruptcy protection

Lehman Brothers has filed for bankruptcy protection to become the third top American investment bank to depart the scene in six months.

US Banking System Faces Shakeup

Financial lenders are facing a major industry reorganization Monday that promises to change the face of banking in the United States. On Sunday, Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself to Bank of America for some 50 billion dollars. Experts say the move will make the nation's prime lender even bigger.