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Free Region 0 Hack - Philips DVP 642 DVD Player

Perhaps you are a foreign language student or teacher. Maybe you are getting in touch with your roots and you wish to watch DVD titles in the language of your grandparents. Or possibly you just like watching movies from other countries. You purchase a movie, put it into your DVD player, and receive a 'Wrong Region' error. What do you do?

Nanotechnology, No Small Matter

Many scientists and futurists say we are on the verge of a technological and medical revolution that will turn science fiction into reality.

Beijing Mum as World Expresses Concern Over Anti-Satellite Weapon Test

Governments worldwide have voiced concern to China after U.S. officials confirmed that Beijing successfully tested a new anti-satellite weapon last week. China has not publicly acknowledged the test, but Japan's Foreign Ministry says it received a message from Beijing that its intentions in space are peaceful. Daniel Schearf reports from Beijing.

Apple iPhone to Generate 50 Percent Margin, According to iSuppli’s Preliminary Analysis

Each Apple iPhone sold will generate nearly a 50 percent gross margin for Apple Inc. and partner Cingular Wireless, giving the companies a hefty profit, as well as plenty of room for future price cuts, according to a preliminary functional Bill of Materials (BoM) estimate created by iSuppli Corp.

Conceptualizing a Cyborg

New ideas from Penn scientists on developing thought-controlled artificial limbs.

Research underway to Protect Airliners from Missiles

The U.S. government is attempting to address concerns that civilian aircraft are vulnerable to shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles. So it is testing a new anti-missile defense for commercial aircraft.

The Venice Project code-named no more

"Joost" to combine the best of TV and the best of the Web.

The Battle of Hamoukar: Urban Warfare in 3500 B.C.

A recent excavation in northeastern Syria gives new details in the tragic end of one of the world's earliest cities and explains how powerful were early weapons like sling bullets.

The musician in the mirror

New study shows brain rapidly forms link between sounds and actions that produce them.

One Instigator for Many Killers

PTEN is one of the most commonly mutated tumor suppressor genes. It is an antagonist for many cellular growth, proliferation and survival processes. When mutated or deleted, it causes cancers of the prostate, breast, colon, and brain. Researchers have now identified fundamentally novel regulatory mechanisms of PTEN function.

Amar Bose: Hi-Fidelity to Higher Education

Out of necessity comes innovation. As a young man, entrepreneur Amar Bose bought a new stereo system but was unhappy with the sound quality. His disappointment inspired him to create the Bose Corporation, which, to this day, is among the leading manufacturers of audio equipment.

Earliest Evidence Of Modern Humans In Europe Discovered By International Team

Modern humans who first arose in Africa had moved into Europe as far back as about 45,000 years ago, according to a new study by an international research team led by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Diamonds from outer space -- Geologists discover origin of Earth's mysterious black diamonds

If indeed "a diamond is forever," the most primitive origins of Earth's so-called black diamonds were in deep, universal time, geologists have discovered. Black diamonds came from none other than interstellar space.

A beneficial suicide

Neutrophil granulocytes, the largest group of white blood cells, kill microorganisms by suiciding themselves and then releasing the content of their nuclei. The nucleic acid, mingled with bactericidal enzymes, forms a lethal network outside the cell.

Mind Games Aren't Just Fun, They're Also Good for You

Daily mental drills will have a lot more impact on our longevity and wellbeing than abdominal crunches and boring hours on the treadmill. The brainpower exercises we complete today can improve our mental agility as far as five years into the future. No workout at the gym can match that.