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Exploiting space with low-cost satellites

At a time when European science budgets are increasingly under pressure UK academia and industry representatives met in London to look at opportunities for exploiting space using low cost satellites.

The Basics Of Mysql Development

There are a lot of intricacies that are involved in a simple search on the Internet or within a computer's system for that matter. One of the main languages used in this science is called MySQL, which is a system used for data base management.

Parsing XML As Query Object In Coldfusion

One of the fun things that I found working in ColdFusion is the many ways you can manipulate xml data. I'm certain this type of process isn't exclusive to ColdFusion, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

Experts Urge US Development of Geothermal Energy

Earth's interior heat could provide much of the world's energy, according to a new study. U.S. experts say geothermal energy is a largely untapped and inexhaustible clean resource that could reduce reliance on fossil fuels like oil and coal. The researchers call for a 15-year U.S. government-led program to develop geothermal energy into an economically competitive source of electricity for Americans.

Study provides first genetic evidence of long-lived African presence within Britain

New research has identified the first genetic evidence of Africans having lived amongst "indigenous" British people for centuries. Their descendants, living across the UK today, were unaware of their black ancestry.

Hydrogen-powered lawnmowers?

New design could open door to small-scale fuel cells.

Thinking with the spinal cord?

A research group from the University of Copenhagen have demonstrated that the spinal cord use network mechanisms similar to those used in the brain. The group has shown that spinal neurons, during network activity underlying movements, show the similar irregular firing patterns as seen in the cerebral cortex.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Port Forwarding

One thing that I love about all news windows products is the remote desktop features. I previously used PCAnywhere but I find that remote desktop is now almost as good, would like to see a file transfer like PCAnywhere has, but remote desktop is free so that is a plus for it.

Families do not cause anorexia nervosa

Eating disorders researchers counter Bundchen's blunder.

Who laid the first egg? An update

Scientists move a step closer to linking embryos of earth's first animals and their adult form. There are thousands of early-stage embryos, but only 80 have been recovered that have advanced to an intermediary stage of development. The intermediary stage embryos have an envelope similar to that of earlier embryonic stage, and they have a coiled tubular embryo within the envelope.

Novel computed imaging technique uses blurry images to enhance view

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a novel computational image-forming technique for optical microscopy that can produce crisp, three-dimensional images from blurry, out-of-focus data.

Activation of brain region predicts altruism

Duke University Medical Center researchers have discovered that activation of a particular brain region predicts whether people tend to be selfish or altruistic.

Ultra-dense optical storage -- On one photon

New technique stores and retrieves entire image from a single photon.

NIST 'Standard Bullet' fights gang violence

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a copper bullet designed to help end criminal sprees without once being fired. Crime laboratories can use NIST's "Standard Bullet" to optimize the settings of computerized optical imaging instruments used to match markings on fired bullets from a suspected weapon.

Countries share good times using gps and the Internet

International time coordination is improving throughout the Americas thanks to a low-cost system relying on Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and the Internet, which enables much faster time comparisons and gives small countries the opportunity to evaluate easily their measurements in relation to others and to world standards.