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Improved Shuttle Readied for Trip to Space Station

NASA officials say they are ready to roll the Space Shuttle Endeavour to the launch pad in Florida in preparation for its scheduled launch to the International Space Station next month.

Climate Expert Questions Gore's Global Warming Campaign

This past weekend concerts took place around the world to focus attention on the problem of global warming, Al Gore says is the greatest single threat facing humankind today. Most of the world's scientists agree. Al Gore and scientists who wrote the UN report on climate change say the debate is over and the time has come to act. But some prominent climate scientists are objecting to that, claiming that the debate has yet to even begin.

Ruby vs Java Conundrum

The Ruby language and Rails framework have been gaining rapid prominence and fast becoming development platforms of choice for many Web 2.0 applications and sites. This rapid rise is raising questions on the abilities and applicability of Java technologies for particular kind of products.

Open Source Contribution: Could Cash Replace Code?

With the "ASP loophole" apparently wide open in the last draft of the General Public License, will cash contributions be a future method of keeping companies from taking a free ride?

The Basics of Digital Audio

Before we can understand digital audio, we must first have a very general understanding of how sound occurs naturally. Sound is actually a mechanical wave that is propagating through the air (typically, but it can travel through other mediums as well). A basic visual illustration of sound is the sine wave.

Global Warming and Y2K

Global warming is being marketed today like Y2K was marketed just prior to the twenty-first century. Will it turn out that dire predictions of global warming are going to be as accurate as the Y2K predictions were?

The O'Hare International Airport UFO Sighting

On November 7, 2006, several United Airlines employees reported seeing a UFO hovering above O'Hare International in Chicago, Illinois. Get the whole story and find out how do airports and airlines handle these kinds of events.

Clicks And Bangs: The Lost Art Of Detecting Atomic Tests

Popular Electronics during the mid Cold War showed readers how to gather evidence about national vigilance and competitiveness in the space race (satellite activity and domestic rocket launches.) It also prepared them for the most dreaded possibility - nuclear attack.

Sony's Latest Release - The PSP Camera

The PSP camera was first announced at the E3 in Japan in March of 2006, where it also made its first public demo behind protective glass. The camera will don the name of Chotto Shot. Physically it is a small and seemingly basic camera lens about the size of the bottom half of your thumb that attaches to the top of the PSP system just above the screen.

Configuring Your Own Adsl Router

Configuring an ASDL router with a local area network is no longer the exclusive domain of computer savvy network administrators and technicians. Routers are becoming increasingly easier to set up according to anyone’s specific needs. Many of these network devices offer an online feature that allows the user to do the configuring in a graphical interface setting after logging in.

What Is MDI - Media Delivery Index?

Media Delivery Index is an open standard for use in quality assurance of IP video systems. MDI is designed to address the problem of monitoring IP-encapsulated video signals in a live system. The RFC (RFC 4445) for MDI details the technicalities of this in depth, but the issue of how this applies to real systems is more useful for many people, and that is the aim of this article.

Secrets Of Emotion Detection Software

Call centers (known in consumer service circles as 'contact centers') are an integral part of customer service, which in turn is what guarantees repeat customers. For that reason, corporations that put them to extensive use are being provided with tools to help improve their functionality. One of those tools is software that analyzes the vocal interaction of customer service calls.

What Vista Means For "TV To PC" And "PC To TV"

Skeptics say that Vista is too security heavy, to the point of inconvenience, and that consumers should wait months or years until the bugs are ironed out. Mac users say that Vista is Microsoft's attempt to offer a slick interface design that is much closer to their own. But the common criticisms aside, Vista has done its part in opening up a few new possibilities for home entertainment and TV viewing.

What Is DirectX?

DirectX is a family of "application program interfaces" (APIs) that are designed by Microsoft to make graphics functionality of Microsoft compatible software -especially videogames - function smoothly and at their highest level.

Online Word Processor Comparison

A review of the popular online word processors. The reviewer looks at Google Docs, AjaxWrite, ThinkFree, and Zoho Writer.