Vegansexuals : No Sex With Meat Eaters

The logo of the world's first Vegan Society, registered in 1944.

The logo of the world's first Vegan Society, registered in 1944.

The vegan diet excludes animal products. It also excludes animal by-products. Most vegans shun leather, fur, ivory, snake skin and any other fashion artifact that owes its existence to the killing of an animal. Vegans are very conscientious people when it comes to their values.They are also, according to a recent report, beginning to sign-off on sex with meat eaters.

According to a vegan who volunteered an opinion on the subject, there is something deeply repulsive about engaging in sexual activity with someone who eats "dead bodies". Others voiced similar opinions about the hazards of getting it on with with people "whose bodies are made up of dead meat". A female vegan said she just couldn't imagine kissing the lips of someone who regularly chews on chunks of dead animal.

Vegansexuals appear oblivious to the fact that vegans themselves own and operate bodies of flesh that are dying by increments. The vegan lifestyle risks becoming a new type of elitism that views their highly specialized dietary regimen as 'superior'. Of course vegans are always careful not to present their prejudices in such crass sociological terms, but behind their criticisms of fellow human beings who indulge in the time honored practice of flesh eating, it's hard not to imagine an accompanying haughty sneer.

The word "disgust" comes up quite a lot when vegans speak of meat eaters. The idea that "we are what we eat" also kept coming up. A female vegan spoke about her sensitivity to bodily fluids and how repulsed she would feel if she was around sexual fluids produced by a meat consumer.

As an occasional meat eater who has no intention of giving up the habit, there is another side to the coin. Vegan and vegetarian females I've dated tended to be skinny to the point of looking anorexic. A few were fairly obviously anaemic. Bodily fluids weren't an issue in one case because nutritional deficiencies contributed to an ongoing 'dryness' problem that afflicted an ex in every relationship she had ever been in. Any suggestion that she should indulge in some red meat and red wine (she was also anti-booze) was met with horror.

There are problems associated with excessive consumption of red meat. Studies have shown that there is a link with colon cancer. Chicken is sometimes contaminated with Salmonella enterica, a disease causing bacteria. There are definitely health benefits associated with limiting the quantity of meat. However moderate meat consumption, especially if it is organically sourced is hardly a cause for alarm. Going from health concerns to shunning meat eaters as prospective sex partners is a whole other take on the meat debate. Since there are no known health issues associated with having sex with a meat eater, it really amounts to little more than a fetish. It may also be political - an effort to grab headlines. After all this story has picked up a lot of ink since it first broke.

If vegansexuals decide to limit sex to their own toxic-free zone where they can mingle salad breath and enjoy bodily fluids with the aroma of seaweed and chives, they are most welcome. What they should try to avoid is looking down their noses at those who enjoy a good sirloin steak once in a while.

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