The Wonders of an Erotic Massage


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Massaging techniques can range from sensual to explicit. The things that you need for an erotic massage are a massage oil, bed and a table. And yes warm hands!

The most important thing to do in erotic massaging is warmup. You have to turn on the heat. You can grab warm towels and drape them over your lover. Also make sure you also take a bath, because this will increase your body temperature.

While massaging, you should have access to all of her body parts, therefore make sure you choose an area on the bed or table which is properly accessible to you.

How to start an erotic massage? Tell your partner to strip and lie face down on the bed or a table. It helps your case if you are naked too. It helps the skin-to-skin contact. Start with the back, shoulders, arms, wrist, fingers. Move to the leg area, the feet, the limb, the thighs and then move to the butt. Turn your partner and start with the face. Explore every area of the face, as if you are caressing him or her intimately. Talk about facial exercise! After stroking the face and rubbing the scalp, massage the chest, abdomen, the legs and then the genitals. Do not concentrate for more time in the genital area, though it may be tempting, you have not even reached half way!

Using the massaging oil Take about a tablespoon of oil in your palms and rub them together. Now place your oil soaked hands on your lover's naked body. Begin stroking, but remember some key points: be symmetrically correct(if you are massaging the left leg,make sure you do not ignore the right one). Do not be miserly about the oil. Use it in generous amounts. Also makes sure you are constantly massaging and not stopping intermittently and breaking the flow.

Turn on the music: Make sure there is a favourite music playing in the background. Usually erotic tunes froma saxophone or lilting music can be quite a turn on.

The pleasure of a massage: Use a long slippery stroke as you move from the arms, across the shoulders, to the back portion down to the butt area, the legs and down to the toes. Now do the same and move from the toe area back to the shoulders. Turn your partner and stroke her in the same way in the frontal region.

The Hand job? Your thumbs, fingers and palms add the right pressure and depth to the massage. Whenever you stroke, massage, give a rub-down, make sure you involve your hands well. Take the example of your thumb. It can be a sexy massage mechanism. Place your thumbs and keep them at the bottom of the spine. Gently stroke the spine, applying your thumbs as pressure. Go up the arms or down the legs by applying soft but firm presure.

Butt-Adds the thrill and fun in the massage session: The butt is the biggest muscular part of the body. It is also an erogenous zone and hence can be fun and interesting to massage this area. Place your hands on the butt cheeks and move them in opposite directions. You can squeeze the butt cheeks, firmly grabbing a handful of the pliant flesh, move your hands around in a clockwise or anticlockwise motion.

Orgasm? Getting your partner to orgasm through massaging is a personal choice. You can do so by stimulating the genital area or other sensitive areas in your partner's body. If you do want to bring your partner to orgasm in the massage session, continue massaging till your partner feels relaxed and tension-free. After you are done, you can lie alongside your lover talking to her on get on top your lover to get sweaty once again.

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