Fiat 500: As In Recent Days

Fiat gives gas. With the new edition of the legendary Fiat 500 the Turiner wants to up-mix the small car market. Even if it exactly to 50. Birthday of its nice-roundish predecessor world premiere does not celebrate, is the Nuova Cinquecento (Italian for more again 500) by any means only one new on casting in the Retrodesign.

The new Fiat 500.

The new Fiat 500.

Rather the 3.55 meters short four seaters with practical rear flap, modern technology and numerous Lifestyleoptionen want reaching such as leather pads of an Italian noble mark, perfume donors or chrome handles equally the hearts automobiles of the Schickeria as the practically thinking small car buyer.


For the propulsion two 51 kW/69 HP and/or 74 kW/100 HP strong Benziner as well as a Diesel with 55 kW/75 HP and particle filter are available. A heissblütige modification house guidance is additional in preparation, whose 135 HP carrying out turbo aggregate is to drive starting from summer next yearly to some competitor of it. The prices for the new Fiat 500 are not certain, are to begin however in Germany with approximately 10,500 euro.

That is comparatively favorable for a Lifestyle mini, but clearly more than approximately for a Fiat Panda become due, with which the new one the technical basis divides. Into the looking areas of the German dealers the Cinquecento drives only to at the beginning of Octobers.

Knuffiges exterior & practical interior life…

Outside Fiats of smallest ones remind of the first edition of its predecessor, who motorized Italy completely and in Germany even still before Renault 4 and Citroen 2 CV dream car of many students and driving beginners was. Short overhangs, a kuppelförmiges roof and the high hood give it a knuffiges exterior. Inside everything is freshly merry and uncomplicated: The Cinquecento is owing to the technology of the Pandas with front engine and - no more tail centrifuge propelled. In addition the small Italian offers meanwhile also with good reason to much leg liberty at the two places in the rear. 15 practical files and 185 to 500 litres trunk volumes provide for sufficient reservoir. However the head liberty scarcely measured in the back bank quotes the predecessor.

Elegance and charm…

Interieur of the Cinquecento.

Interieur of the Cinquecento.

The quality of the affectionately selected materials and the detail processing are reached by hardly a competitor. To say nothing of that colors and forms send, in which the Interieur of the Cinquecento is drawn. Here nothing more reminds at the minimalism grey Fiat past, even the mini might it with difficulty have to keep up with the elegance and the charm of the small Italian.

Weasel-speedily, good fitted with springs and also surely…

Also on the road could leave the quick Fronttriebler to some established rivals behind itself. Because the handy Fiat is owing to clear body, direct steering element, crack-industrial union-precise circuit and good-natured handling characteristics not only in the city and on kurvigen highways weasel speedy, it offers for its class even surprisingly much suspension and unreeling comfort. Also with passive security it wants to score. Thus the small car does not only have seven Airbags, Fiats aims at besides five stars in the EuroNCAP test. ESP is however only with the Topversion standard, can however in all other variants against surcharge be ordered.

It will conquer the hearts in the storm!

Detail of the new Fiat 500.

Detail of the new Fiat 500.

Thus the Fiat 500 possesses many plants, in order to conquer the hearts of the small car fans in the storm and be promoted to cult mobile. It is trip of fine memories, beautifully from each point of view, practically and relative to inexpensive. Fiat aims at 15,000 permissions in Germany for the first full sales year, perhaps a rather modest goal. For further lift are later a schickes Cabriolet with material-cover and an elegant combination named Giardiniera to ensure.

Technical data

Fiat 500 Three-door, viersitzige steep tail sedan of the small car segment;

1,2-Liter-Vierzylinder-Ottomotor, 51 kW/69 HP, maximum speed: 160 km/h, max. torque: 102 Nm/3 000 rpm, 0 to 100 km/h: 12.9 seconds, consumption 5.1 Liter/100 kilometer, 119 g CO2/km,

Price starting from approx. 10,500 euro, exact prices are specified in September;

1,4-Liter-Vierzylinder-Ottomotor, 74 kW/100 HP, 182 km/h, 131 Nm/4 250 rpm, 10.5 seconds, 6.3 litres, 149 g CO2/km;

1,2-Liter-Vierzylinder-Multijet-Diesel, 55 kW/75 HP, 160 km/h, 145 Nm/1 500 rpm, 12.5 seconds, 4.2 litres, 111 g CO2/km.


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