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Auditors Report Billions in Reconstruction Waste and Fraud in Iraq

Government auditors told Congress Thursday that waste and fraud in the reconstruction of Iraq have been rampant. They predict they will uncover losses in the billions of dollars. Key Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee demanded an accounting within two months.

Lobbyists, Earmarks, Spending : Senators Brazenly Fight Off Controls On Pork

To their credit, House Democrats passed a bill that might actually limit earmarks. In the Senate, those who love their pork are resisting.

What is Ethical Clothing?

Garment workers throughout the globe are traditionally paid the minimum wage and work long hours in poor conditions in order to produce the clothes that we take for granted. Ethical clothing guarantees that workers have not only been paid well but also have access to a range of benefits from maternity leave and pensions to healthcare and education.

UK Monetary Policy: Does it Work?

A look at how effective interest rates are in reducing inflation. Although MPC appear to have been successful there is reason to believe monetary policy may not be without its drawbacks.

Stock Research – Home Depot Rocks Investors With CEO Resignation – Can Corporate Culture Survive

Home Depot through its Board of Directors forced the resignation of General Electric trained CEO, Robert Nardelli. Now the problem is that the current senior management of Home Depot is group of General Electric trained executives. All of whom have joined the company in the last five years. They are still there.

Apple iPhone to Generate 50 Percent Margin, According to iSuppli’s Preliminary Analysis

Each Apple iPhone sold will generate nearly a 50 percent gross margin for Apple Inc. and partner Cingular Wireless, giving the companies a hefty profit, as well as plenty of room for future price cuts, according to a preliminary functional Bill of Materials (BoM) estimate created by iSuppli Corp.

Flat Tax Flat Stupid

Several Years ago as a resident of Gwinnett County Georgia I had as my state Representative John Linder (R.) He had developed this off the wall plan, and he saw himself as a sort of Luke Skywalker and he was out to destroy the evil empire. His plan was to blow up the IRS death star! "But how master Luke they are too powerful?" His daring plan was to fly his X wing fighter to Washington and destroy the IRS with the "force" of a flat tax.

Stock Research – Apple Computer Rocks World with NEW PHONE

Jobs and company have created a cell phone device that threatens to create hegemony over the entire cell phone industry. What Jobs has done for this industry is take it to the next level, and what a level it is. It really shouldn’t be called an iPhone. The phone features of this device are probably the least interesting.

Stock Research-Home Depot-Great Manager Blows HIMSELF UP

Bob Nardelli is a self-made victim. It’s one thing to come into an ailing company, and turn it around using modern management techniques. It’s another thing to come into one of the best stock market performers in history, and start changing things that don’t need changing.

Wage Gains 2006-Workers See Solid Gains In Wages and Benefits

For at least two years, the economy has been in great shape. GDP growth has been solid, job creation strong and steady, unemployment at a 5 year low, interest rates and inflation both very favorable, business profits strong, productivity-up. Now, add in two years of solid, inflation adjusted wage gains and a favorable outlook.

Emancipation from the IRS

As long as we have the income tax, we will all continue to be slaves to the IRS. The keys to emancipation can only be found in the replacement of the income tax with a federal sales tax.

Taxes: Conservatives Support Those Who Pay! Liberals Support Those Who Take!

Serious discussion of tax fairness in America cannot take place or be understood without proper emphasis on the phrase Final Net Tax. It's true, individuals and corporations, have plenty Of credits, deductions and subsidies. However, those reductions only serve to reduce rates that are far too high and harmful to the economy, to government, to individuals. A serious reduction in rates accompanied by an end to most deductions would have huge national benefits.

Positive Effects of Tax Cuts: Why Is The Left In Serious Denial?

Major Tax Cuts In The U.S., Other Nations, and Among the Fifty States, Have Produced The Same Results, Hundreds of Times. GDP, Jobs, Per Capita Income and Revenues To Government, Soar. If Spending Is Kept Anywhere Near Inflation, Deficits Go Down, Surpluses Go Up. Why Are Leftists Still In Denial Of So Much Empirical Evidence?

Seeking Refugee Status, or Lenny Bruce was a Conservative

Our own individual Katrinas as the economic floodwaters crash over the walls as we float towards the debt ceiling looking for the rescue boats of decent paying jobs. We don't care about whole cities so why should we care about you as individuals? The Bible? What! Your kidding right? Why yes of course we love Jesus but only from a distance!

Rare Coins and Politics

Politics and rare coins might not seem to go together, but they are linked throughout the history of the United States. From the first coins of the 1650s to the change you carry in your pocket today, political influence has been a significant part of United States coinage.