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Will Democrats Ruin A Thriving Economy

Last July, while many were predicting a serious slowdown, economist Brian Wesbury predicted a strong economy for the future, if government policies did nothing to hurt growth. See the accuracy of his forecast.

Why Are Most Professors Liberal?-A Point of View

Living In The World of Academia does not allow enough exposure to the difficulty of directly creating wealth day after day, year after year. In general, it seems to be the case worldwide, that professors have disdain for the business world.

Stock Research – Wall Street Makes FORTUNE Sweeping YOUR CASH

Would you believe that last year in 2006 Merrill Lynch must have made net, net $2 billion for its own account after paying out lesser amounts in interest to its customers on their idle cash balances? That’s right; they made $2 billion after expenses but before taxes. Is this any way to run a firm? You bet it is.

Golden Parachutes and Pensions: An Invitation for Mischief...

At a time when traditional pensions in the private sector are disappearing at an alarming rate, the pensions in the public sector remain juicy plums with glaring loop holes to be to be exploited at every turn at the taxpayer’s expense.

U-M, Harvard team propose way to make the most of health dollars

Value-based insurance design seen as fiscally responsible, clinically sensitive approach.

India-Myanmar Economic and Strategic Ties: Towards New Direction

Within few days of an unsuccessful United States attempt to pass a United Nations Security Council censure motion Myanmar’s military regime India has reiterated that the issue of democracy and human rights in Myanmar is "an internal matter" of that country. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee when he recently visited Myanmar.

Jobs Galore For Class of 2007-Offerings Top Best Clinton Years

A great market awaits this year's college graduates. It's not just the number of jobs that have taken a big jump, starting salaries and signing bonuses have also seen hefty increases.

Stock Research – Citigroup – Sandy Wyle's Decisions Haunt Current Shareholders

Citigroup CEO fires subordinate -wants corporate jet back.

Stock Investing-The Real Deal On Options Back Dating And What It Means For Stock Investing

The options backdating scandal has resulted in the shareholders of the companies in question being defrauded by the amount of excess compensation that was earned by the executive granted the option. The IRS was never defrauded by the company. In fact the IRS benefited in the excess compensation paid the executive by receiving additional taxes from the executive.

Who Does Wal-Mart Help Most? Those Who Most Need Help!

Do ordinary citizens buy into the strong-arm tactics of the powerful unions behind the Wal-Mart campaign? Could anyone favor union imposed work rules, and forced dues payments, at the expense of the millions of hard working Americans trying to get the most for their dollar?

The Insurance Industry

I usually try to keep an open mind about subjects, but in this case I felt I had to write about the Insurance Industry. Why should people have to decide between buying food and paying for mandatory insurance? Why should anyone be denied medical assistance because they do not have insurance?

Fed Chief Warns Congress Again! Entitlement Spending: The Calm Before The Storm

About 200 million voters have allowed 535 congressmen and the president a spending spree that endangers our future. Temporary restraints are no longer acceptable. We need specific limits on spending.

House of Representatives Repeals Many Tax Breaks for "Big Oil"

After years of tax advantages it appears the Democrat controlled Congress has decided to put its foot down. While this won't bring about an end to billion dollar quarterly profits, hopefully the days of "Big Oil" taking advantage of cheap taxes are over.

Some Worry China's Booming Stock Market is a Bubble

China's stock market is soaring as investors in the country rush to buy stocks and mutual funds. While some analysts believe the bull run will continue, others are worried that the boom is a bubble, which could quickly collapse.

Japanese Anime Fans Gain Economic Power

Fanatical followers of Japanese comic books and cartoon animations have become an economic force in Japan. These so-called otaku are spending more than $2 billion a year on their obsessions.