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Federal Spending: Thinking Outside The Box

We should seek 25-30 year olds to run for congress. Among other priorities we would guide these young candidates to set an example by reducing congressional salaries, and perks including their hefty pensions. Voters might in turn support these candidates in larger numbers with many small donations and heavy internet support and with an eye toward making lobbyists as unwelcome as possible.

Tools for Adsense

If you're just boarding on the AdSense train, and looking to find a quick way to make the profits you've seen all being pulled of all over the Internet, you might be interested in a couple of tools.

The Stock Market Is Not Always Nice: What To Do When the Market Plunges?

The safest way to beat the stock market is to not get into the stock market. According to “day traders” the best way to beat the stock market is to get in and get out quickly. The best way to beat the stock market by my Aunt Sara is to buy good stocks in good companies and hang on to them. Okay, I don’t have an aunt named Sara. My nonexistent aunt did not buy Microsoft when it was a penny stock.

Union Intimidation Bill: Democratic Party Repays Union Masters

This union intimidation tool puts new penalties on employers, going beyond the existing remediation tools now available through the National Labor Relations Board. There are no offsetting penalties on unions’ behavior when obtaining signed cards.

Executive Salaries and Barney Frank

Barney Frank and the Federal government should mind their own business. The market will take care of "the business of business" without the "help" of an incompetent federal government that should place its focus elsewhere.

Stock Investing – Chrysler Up For Sale – What Is DaimlerChrysler Thinking?

DaimlerChrysler has basically thrown in the towel by hiring J.P. Morgan Chase to find a way for the luxury German auto maker to divest itself of the Chrysler automobile company here in America. We went back and took a look at our stock research on the original German purchase of Chrysler and wondered how we got from there to here.

The Impact of NAFTA on Trucking

NAFTA is a treaty agreement that can be described as slightly controversial. One of the areas where NAFTA has had an effect is on the commercial trucking industry.

Government Spending: What Does The Comptroller General Say?

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has been tracking wasteful government programs since 1984. This watchdog group's latest yearly figure of how much spending is unnecessary is $232 billion dollars. Remember this gets piggybacked every year. Over 5 years, it amounts to more than $1 trillion dollars-yes that is trillion with a t.

Investing - Tax Shelters Equals Big Fine For KPMG

What happens when a world renowned accounting firm decides to market tax shelters to its elite clientele? The first thing that happens is that the client buys them because of the source. In this case the source is utterly reliable; KPMG is one of the oldest and biggest Public Accounting firms in the world.

Controlling Federal Spending: Can We Talk?

We need 25-30 year olds to reverse the spending madness of the last four decades Congress is full of career politicians. Getting reelected to advance their own career is fixed in the minds of all but a few. The needs of America are a distant second, if that.

Stock Research – Hedge Fund Fraud Leads to $160 Million Bear Stearns Settlement

Hedge funds have become a significant force in the investment world. At the beginning of the 1990's, hedge funds controlled less than $40 billion in assets, less than Warren Buffett's personal investment portfolio. Today there are more than 9000 hedge funds controlling in excess of $1.1 trillion dollars of assets.

US market dynamism!

If the Americans can cut their budget spending and stop their slide into statism, they will double their economic size in the next generation - something that the envious Canadians and duplicitous Europeans will never manage - irregardless of what their state owned propaganda issues forth.

Absence of health insurance coverage costs $1.47B in Maryland

Expenditures for the uninsured in Maryland totaled $1.47 billion in FY2002, according to an analysis conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The sum equates to $2,371 per individual without health insurance—paid for by state and federal funds, private insurance companies, physicians, charities and the uninsured themselves.

Stock Investing - Merck Tries New Tactic To Sell Vaccination Drug - Force Girls To Take It

Merck got Texas Governor Rick Perry to sign an executive order requiring every young girl in Texas to receive the Merck vaccination Gardasil at $360 for three shots of the vaccine. Unless you can demonstrate proof that you have taken the shots, you are not going to be allowed to go to school.

Stock Research - Amaranth Hedge Fund Collapse – Friendly Banker Becomes – PREDATOR

You might be familiar with Amaranth LLC, the giant hedge fund that collapsed last fall, after blowing up $6 billion of investors’ money. It now comes out that the circumstances under which they self-destructed are worth studying.