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According to a new study, some commonly available non-prescription medications may help prevent colon cancer. But there is a downside.

Music Therapy: Can Music Really “Soothe The Savage Beast?”

It has long been suggested that “music soothes the savage beast.” But is this true? And if it is, does this have any implication where humans are concerned?

Dr. Raymond Rife and His Miracle Machine

Royal Raymond Rife is known for inventing an advanced optical microscope in 1933 that offered a magnification comparable to that of early electron microscopes. But did he really find a cure for cancer?

Merck & Co. found liable for $253.4 million in Texas man's Vioxx-related death

Drug maker Merck & Co. was found liable for a person's death concerning the use of the pain medication Vioxx, according to a jury verdict in a Texas court.

No Scientific Proof That Smoking Causes Cancer

Gag This Milestone Decision!

Preventive Medicine - Ayurveda

Can you honestly say you trust the future of gene therapy and near immortality to our current system?

Cancer-Stricken US Senator Urges Expanded Stem Cell Research

A U.S. Senator and cancer sufferer says countless lives could be saved if the United States expanded medical research involving embryonic stem cells.

Cancer causing dyes in your food - Sudan 1 and para red

Recently there has been product recalls in UK and EU countries due to the usage of illegal dyes Sudan 1 and Para red in Chilly products.

State Legislators Aim to End Cervical Cancer

In an effort to reduce the number of women who die from cervical cancer, a bipartisan, nonprofit association of elected women state officials is advancing its goal of eliminating this preventable disease within the next 10 years.

Aromatherapy Spotlight on Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang, the “flower of flowers”, hails from the warmer parts of the world and can also warm up your love life.

The New Aphrodisiacs: Foods for sexual and Reproductive Health

Aphrodisiacs have always belonged more to the realm of mythology than modern day science. But as researchers continue to unlock the unique protective and curative benefits of fruits and vegetables, what once looked like wishful thinking might soon become a prescription for overall sexual and reproductive health.

Teens believe oral sex is safer, more acceptable to peers

Young adolescents believe that oral sex is less risky to their health and emotions than vaginal sex, more prevalent among teens their age and more acceptable among their peers. They are also more likely to try oral sex, according to a UCSF study published in the April 2005 issue of Pediatrics.

USA and Canada’s Influenza Vaccination Programmes for Children Based On Little Evidence

‘We just cannot understand how you can vaccinate millions of small children in the absence of convincing scientific evidence that the vaccines make any difference,’ commented Dr Tom Jefferson of Cochrane Vaccines Field, Italy.