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WHO Experts Say H1N1 Pandemic Flu Vaccine Safe

World Health Organization says just concluded meeting of worldwide independent experts finds people will suffer very few if any adverse effects from vaccine .

The Secret of Longevity

As a normal person, you would like to live for a long, long time. But how long can you expect to live? What is the limit of the human life span? Can you do anything to extend your life span? What is the secret of longevity? These are good questions, and finding the answer to them might help you to live much longer than seems possible at present.

Court Decision Opens Competency Files on Doctors

Ever wondered how good the doctors are that you go to? A new federal court ruling will open never-before-available files about doctors. This will allow patients, business owners and insurors to see how well docs perform.

Employer's Costs of Working Family Caregivers

The U.S. Department of Labor published an amazing study - 30% of employees are family caregivers to elder loved ones or aging parents. The study goes on to report that by 2010 that number will rise to 54%.

Conflict of Interest between Drug Companies and Doctors

Where and how do doctors decide what drugs to prescribe? From drug company representatives of course. They haunt offices of physicians offering bribes in various forms. This is blatant conflict of interest.

Diet foods for children may lead to obesity

Diet foods and drinks for children may inadvertently lead to overeating and obesity. Children who consume low-calorie versions of foods that are normally high in calories may develop distorted connections between taste and calorie content, leading them to overeat as they grow up.

The Crime Of Teen Obesity

In a world where physical comeliness matters, more and more people are giving too much emphasis on physical appearance. They are becoming interested even obsessed in using so many products and services that can help them improve their physical appearance.

Alchemy, Shamanism, Organic Food, and the Doctrine of Signatures

The 16th century alchemist and philosopher, Paracelsus, introduced in his treatise the Doctrine of Signatures , the concept that the Creator has placed his seal on plants to indicate their medicinal uses. The ‘doctrine of signatures’ is at the heart of homeopathy, folk medicine, Organic food, and plant shamanism.

Statin Drugs (Cholesterol Fighters) and New Side Effects Revealed?

More than 40 million people in the United States take Statin Drugs every day. The purpose is to lower your LDL (BAD) Cholesterol. Statin drugs along with penicillin, and aspirin, may well be the three greatest drugs ever developed.

Acupuncture for Better Digestion

Chinese medicine is best known for acupuncture, which is an ancient healing modality using hair-fine needles to manipulate the body's energy and enhance healing. More and more western institutions, such as the World Health Organization and the Mayo Clinic are recognizing the value of acupuncture in the treatment of pain and various illnesses. Acupuncture can be very effective for digestive problems, and combining food therapy to acupuncture increase the effectiveness of the treatments.

What You Need To Know About Online Medical Resources

Medical advice online is available via a variety of sources. These sources range from commercial, to non-profit, and governmental. We'll examine a few of the major players in each sector.

President Bush's Health Care Plan Deserves Careful Consideration

President Bush has proposed a health care plan designed to make health care affordable to millions who are not covered at present. Estimates run as high as 10 million that would be newly covered. Congress's Joint Committee On Taxation (JCT) has recently reported that this health care plan would save the government $333 billion dollars over ten years. The function of the JCT is to "score" tax policy changes.

The Syphilitic Narcissist

It is common knowledge that brain disorders, injuries, and traumas are sometimes misdiagnosed as mental health problems. But what about "run of the mill" organic medical conditions? Syphilis provides a fascinating glimpse into the convoluted world of differential diagnoses: the art of telling one form of illness from another.

Himalayan Tibetan Goji Juice, The Best Kept Anti-aging Secret Of Our Time

Tibetan Goji Juice is finally gaining in popularity and it is about time. Thanks to the clinical trials being done in China, Japan, Mongolia and Switzerland, we are getting the much needed information (that the ancients knew) on this wonderful berry.

Greatness of the Humble carrot

Carotenoids are one type of chemicals found in natural plants. Consider them the tools in nature's palette as they provide color to animals and plants alike. More than five hundred carotenoids have been identified, but only forty or so are found in the human diet. Most carotenoids have strong antioxidant power and can stop the damage caused by free radicals.