Pepsi Admits Aquafina Is Tap Water

The label on AquaFina clearly states: P.W.S. Are we to expect Pepsi to spell it out for us?

Aquafina Bottled Water.

Aquafina Bottled Water.

The label on AquaFina clearly states: P.W.S. Are we to expect Pepsi to spell it out for us? We see acronyms, monograms, and initials throughout advertising and in business. If I wished to know what P.W.S. meant, I should have written to the company before buying the water.

Leaving the water in the cooler or on the shelf would have been the most reasonable and prudent thing to do, I suspect. Why should I contribute to Pepsi's bottom line when I have no idea what P.W.S. means? Why should I drink it if the label doesn't tell me? Why can't I take responsibility for myself knowing it's really about acquiring the number one position in the market and not about the health and welfare of consumers?

"The label currently reads: 'Bottled At The Source P.W.S.' The change will be made to spell out 'P.W.S.' by reading 'Public Water Source,' " Michelle Naughton, Pepsi-Cola North American's spokeswoman told CNN.

The company does not want to waste any labels that have already been printed; therefore, they will phase in the new label over time. Naughton could not provide a time-table for when customers will see the label change on store shelves.

In their defense, Pepsi never touted the water as spring water but we know bottled water is typically far costlier than regular tap water. In marketing, perceived value is how consumers make a decision to make a purchase. If the value of the product is marketed, packaged and positioned as a high-end item, we will be charged a higher price; even for tap water.

There is truth in Advertising. As consumers, we have to be the wiser and not easily manipulated "just because." Our trust must be earned. We must demand integrity at every level in our lives and make sure it begins within. Too much is at stake for us not to get on our soap boxes and let our voices be heard.

I'm thinking, water on tap? Does it come in a frosted pilsner? There's perceived value!

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