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Just as we have feelings and react, our children will do the same. It is very important for us to be able to guide our children through these times for it is this modeling that will lay the foundation for them to cope now and throughout their lives.

Adolescents exposed to sexual content on television are twice as likely to begin engaging in sexual intercourse in the following year as their peers who watch little such TV."

Michael Jackson--Guilty or Innocent?

The media will hash Michael Jackson’s case for the duration of his trial. What is tragically lacking are the facts regarding pedophiles/ephebophiles and sexual child abuse.

Teacher is a Drug Dealer

The Omaha World-Herald recently reported on the case of Jolene Cortez, a second-grade teacher at the Conestoga Magnet Center in Omaha. The case highlights just why it is important for parents to know who is teaching their children.

No Incentive for Today's Teens

In our society we tend to point the proverbial finger at the negative attitude of today's youth. While it may be true that cold, hard attitudes define many of our teens and young adults, they stem from many sources other than just a natural badness.