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Baby DVDs, videos may hinder, not help, infants' language development

Despite marketing claims, parents who want to give their infants a boost in learning language probably should limit the amount of time they expose their children to DVDs and videos such as “Baby Einstein” and “Brainy Baby.”

Harry Potter Is Not Bad For Kids

There has been some controversy about Harry Potter and its suitability for kids. Critics have claimed that due to the Harry Potter stories’ heavy emphasis on wizardry and magic, kids can be negatively affected by being made to believe that real life isn't what it really is. That is, kids can lose touch with reality. In fact, Harry Potter is not anymore fictional than the most common children's stories.

Public School Democracy - A Breakthrough In The Public School Monopoly?

The Public School System has failed millions of students for decades. The state of Utah has taken a big step toward serious competition, which could give rise to serious improvement.

The Science Behind The Latest Videogames

Middle School Students Encouraged to Pursue Math and Science.

Religious Humor is a Resource, and a Responsibility

A Protestant minister, a Catholic priest, and a Jewish rabbi often appear together in a popular genre of jokes. And last week when a real minister, priest, and rabbi got together at the University of Maryland, they told a few jokes.