Why Freemasonry Is A Threat To The Community & Church And How It's Linked To Organized Crime

Freemasons claim to be a charitable group of non threatening males who meet in secret for fun and a good time, but is Freemasonry really an innocent mens group where people meet in secret to participate in harmless fraternal activities? From Italy, China and to Canada, Freemasonry seems to be involved in organized crime and government subversion on a monumental scale. The expert testimony of Foreign Diplomats, decorated Police and others, reveal that Freemasonry is a major threat to society on an international level.

Are the Freemasons really a harmless charitable organization that men of all religious faith's can innocently join and fellowship in? Are the Freemasons really a beneficial and non threatening group who pose no danger to our society? Is it biblically sound for a Christian to join the Masonic Lodge? After extensive research and reviewing the testimonies of respectable citizens of great credibility, I have come to the conclusion that Freemasonry poses the greatest threat to our society. I have come to the conclusion that Freemasonry is an anti-Christian organization that is involved in organized crime and possibly terrorism throughout the world, and involves its members in anti-Christian occult rituals that defy the Holy Bible. I have also found strong evidence that Freemasonry puts its members into the government and well placed positions to carry out an agenda upon a nation.

In the early 1980's Italian Magistrate Cordova led an investigation into a Masonic Lodge in Italy, this investigation lead to police raiding the office of Mr Lucio GelIi, the "Grand Master" of P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy. The raid upon Mr Gelli's office resulted in the discovery of a Masonic Lodge list which included: four cabinet ministers, three under-secretaries, 38 MPs or senators, 195 military officers, politicians from every party except the Communists and Radicals, as well as industrialists, bankers, diplomats, civil servants, judges, journalists, secret service officers, police officials and also members of the Mafia.

Also discovered in Mr Gelli's office was a document titled "Democratic rebirth" the document contained a written agenda about re-writing the Italian constitution. With all the Freemasons in government belonging to Mr Gelli's Masonic Lodge, it's clear that the "Democratic rebirth" document was a real document that could have been implemented in reality. This discovery of the Democratic rebirth document and the list of government officials in Gelli's office, clearly paints a dark picture of the covert infiltration of the Italian government by Freemasons.

The Freemasons also seem to be the real power behind organized crime. Many former mafioso's who have turned crown witness in Italy against the organized crime organizations in Italy, have testified that the Masonic Lodges work in concert with organized criminals to give them protection from: judges, police, government officials etc.

Investigative journalist, Letizia Paoli reported that the Calabrian Mafia ('Ndrangheta) established close relationships with state representatives through Freemasonry. (Mafia Brotherhoods: Organized Crime, Italian Style.

Letizia Paoli, New York: Oxford University Press, 2003).

Ndrangheta or the Honored Society Calabrian Mafia, is one of the most powerful and ruthless organized crime organizations in Italy.

"Antonino Calderone who is a senior member of the Mafia turned state witness in 1987 after his arrest in 1986. Antonio is the brother of Giuseppe Calderone, the boss of the Mafia in Catania. After Antonio turned state witness to testify against the Mafia he made this statement: "We in Catania, when we had a problem with the judiciary, we would turn to the local Masonic head. We knew that many magistrates were lodge members and that, thanks to the local chief, we could even interfere with ongoing criminal proceedings." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Calderone)

"Mariano Agate (Mazara del Vallo, May 19, 1939) is a member of the Sicilian Mafia. He is the boss of Mazara del Vallo Mafia family since the 1970s when he replaced the old boss Mariano Licari. He also was the boss of the mandamento of Mazara, including the Mafia familes of Marsala, Salemi and Vita. Agate was a member of "Iside", one of the most powerful local Masonic lodges."( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariano_Agate)

It seems in Italy the top Mafia bosses all seem to be connected to the Masonic Lodges. If there are so many organized crime figures members of Masonic Lodges, and so many government officials and police members also members, you really need to have a deep think about what sort of meetings are occurring in the Masonic Lodge secret chambers.

The meetings at the Masonic Lodges are done in secrecy and its common knowledge that upon becoming a Lodge member, you swear that if you reveal the secrets of the Lodge to the public that you will have your tongue cut out. Most of the meetings that occur in the Masonic Lodge occur in secret where only lodge members are invited, these sorts of meetings are perfect for organized crime figures who want to make shady deals with government officials, corrupt police and judges. In Italy an investigation into Gelli also revealed evidence that he was involved in selling weapons to terrorist groups. The secret meetings that occur in the Masonic Lodges are a convenient way for terrorist activity and arms deals to occur.

The Masonic order is a worldwide organization with an international leadership and the Masonic organized crime activity is not limited to one country. A senior Canadian diplomat posted in Hong Kong at the Canadian Embassy uncovered evidence, that the Triad organized crime organization in China was lead by Masonic Lodge Leaders.

Former diplomat of the Canadian Embassy in Hong Kong and organized crime specialist Brian McAdam says: "As well as setting up legitimate companies in Vancouver and other Canadian cities as a front for their activities, McAdam says the Triads have in many cases been successful in compromising members of the police force as well as politicians at the federal and municipal level. He says the leaders the Masonic temples in various Chinatowns are often Triad leaders, who may contribute large political donations as well as promise the vote of the Chinese community." (http://en.epochtimes.com/news/6-12-6/49016.html)

I have been to church services where people with Masonic and witchcraft histories received prayer, and I met a girl who told me her Uncle had her arm cut off because he revealed Masonic secrets to the public. These kind of violent stand over tactics and violent intimidation mirror the behaviour of an organized crime syndicate. A banker by the name of Roberto Calvi who was a member of the P2 Masonic Lodge was found brutally murdered under a bridge, it was reported that his murder had Masonic symbolism related to it, and that his murder was carried out in accordance with the known punishment of betraying the Freemasons. In Australia the Chinese Masonic Society is also know for it's stand over tactics and intimidation. John Fitzgerald writes this in Chapter 6. Revolution and respectability: Chinese Masons in Australian history: "By reputation it (Chinese Masonic Society) is a community organisation that provides social support for its members, that takes a patriotic stand on current events in China, and that occasionally engages in stand-over tactics against those who deny its authority." Stand over tactics are racketeering, and this is the primary tactic of the Triad organized Crime Network. If you connect the dots of the above evidence, its probably likely that the Chinese Masonic Order in Australia is spreading the Triad organized crime network around Australia.

From the evidence and testimony of reliable and credible witnesses in addition to the evidence of a Masonic Lodge infiltrating the Italian government to carry out an agenda, its clear the International Masonic Order is involved in criminal activity and uses its secret meetings as umbrella protection for criminal and terrorist activity. The evidence also displays that the International Masonic Order places its members into important positions to influence society and governments, this is a serious breach of public trust and the public has a right to know which public officials are Freemasons.

Retired Corporal of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Corporal Mark Murphy wrote in the epilogue of his book:

"I feel that many police officers who rise within the ranks of the RCMP do so because of their Masonic connections, not their performance as a police officer. In my opinion, some lack the ability to fight crime, especially organized crime and drug-related crime.

"Many commissioned officers that I know never made an arrest, never conducted and investigation and never had an informant. I can only think they went to the top because they were well connected."

Murphy concludes, "In my opinion the network of masons placed in positions of power throughout the RCMP and other organizations is a breach of public trust." (Police Undercover: The True Story of The Biker, The Mafia and The Mountie. By Mark Murphy)

Corporal Mark Murphy of the RCMP was reported in North Shore News as a highly decorated police officer, who was instrumental in the convictions of seventeen organized crime members of the Commisso crime Family in Canada. The convictions brought against these criminals included: conspiracy to commit murder, counseling to commit murder, arson, counsel to commit extortion, robbery. Corporal Mark Murphy was described as the Principal Officer who led the charge against these organized crime figures. (North Shore News on Nov. 3, 1999) As you can see Mark Murphy is one of RCMP'S finest and his testimony about Freemasons in the police force cannot be taken lightly.

The evidence seems to point toward Freemasonry not only jeopardising the police force by showing partiality when promoting officers in the police force, but it also seems to point toward a possible conspiracy of police not acting against organized crime figures, because of arrangements made between police and criminals at the Masonic Lodge.

In Australia the current Governor General and the Police Union President of NSW are both Freemasons. The Police Union President is a well known Grand Master Freemason. Freemasons make up about 1% of the population of Australia, yet Freemasons seem to appear in places of serious power all over our government and public service sector, is it possible Freemasons just have really good luck in getting placed into powerful positions? I don't think its luck at all; I think the Masonic Lodges have their members placed in strategic authority positions throughout the government and public service sector, so the Masonic agenda can be implemented upon the nation.

Since the mid 1800's Freemasons have used their influence in Parliament or Government to protect fellow Masons when they infiltrated the Police Force or other organizations. "The Colonial Police Act 1850 prohibited any member of the Police Force from belonging to any political or secret society other than the Society of Freemasons." From my understanding the Act must still be in place in Australia, and this is a breach of trust to the public, because it allows Freemasons to freely infiltrate the police force. Having Police officers who meet in Masonic Lodges under an umbrella of secrecy, is not only a breach of public trust but it also breeds corruptian.

In the 1997 Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police Force, Justice Wood investigated corruption in the NSW police Force and discovered that Freemasonry had exercised control over the Police Force and office of the Commissioner in the past (Royal Commission into the Police Force, Commissioner: The Hon Justice JRT Wood, May 1997, Pg 41). When Justice Wood began investigating how Freemasonry had been involved in controlling the Police Force in the past, the current NSW Police Commissioner "Tony Lauer" was a well known Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in NSW. As soon as the Wood Royal Commission begun in 1996 Grand Master Freemason Tony Lauer resigned as Police Commissioner. The online encyclopedia wikipedia describes Tony Lauers career as follows; "In January 1996, Tony Lauer's term ended in controversy with his resignation soon after the start of the Wood Royal Commission into police corruption."

Why did this Police Commissioner who was a Freemason resign so quickly after the Wood Royal Commission began? Is it a coincidence that the Royal Commission into Police corruption discovered Freemasonry was playing a part in Police Corruptian, and then a Police Commissioner who was a Freemason ran away from the investigation and resigned? It seem's Tony Lauer was running from something when he resigned, and that something seems to be an investigation into Freemasonry and police corruptian. It's obvious the Grand Master of Freemasonry wanted to run from a Police corruption investigation which explored how Freemasonry played a part in the corruption of our Police Force.

From a spiritual and religious perspective anyone who is a Freemason is an abomination. Freemasonry is a form of witchcraft and if you compare the initiation into a witchcraft coven with the initiation into Freemasonry, you will find the initiation ceremonies are identical. In a witchcraft coven initiation you are blindfolded and have a rope placed around your neck, and you also have a ceremonial knife placed upon breast as you a led through a serious of occult rituals. Many former Freemasons will tell you that their Masonic initiation ceremony was identical to the above witchcraft ceremony; this is because Freemasonry is a form of witchcraft.

Deuteronomy 18:10-12

10 "There shall not be found among you... who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer,

11 "or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

12 "For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you.

It's clear from God's word that Freemasonry which is a form of witchcraft is an abomination to God and that any Freemason claiming to be a Christian is a liar. Witchcraft is rebellion against God, "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft."(1 Samuel 15:23) It's clear from the Holy Bible that witchcraft is rebellion against God. The spirit of Freemasonry is in rebellion against God, and God's people and the Christian church should not tolerate Freemasonry under any circumstances. "Neither give place to the devil." (Ephesians 4:27)

Gordon Moyes who is Vice President of the Christian Democratic Party has taken a soft and compromising stance on Freemasonry. Gordon was quoted as saying, "I guess, although I do not know, that Ministers of the Uniting Church who are members of the Masonic Orders have an obligation to their Order while in certain places and in matters of disclosure." (Source: http://www.gordonmoyes.com/2006/01/01/parliamentarian)

These comments by Gordon about the Masonic order clearly display this mans lack of understanding or soft stance on Freemasonry, and either reason for his comments display this man is unfit to represent the body of Christ in Parliament.

James preaches on various occasions at churches and other events, he has also had many religious and spiritual articles published in various publications. James was saved by the grace of God from a life of: drugs, crime and occultism. James believes his greatest testimony is that he was brought into God's Kingdom and his life was saved through the grace of Jesus Christ. You can contact James by emailing him at: James_m183@hotmail.com

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