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Democratic Vote Encourages Continued Theft of Union Dues

The Office of Management Labor Standards Has Been Instrumental in the return of $70 million to union members. Democrats, to everyone's amazement, have now found a government program they want to cut. Guess which one. Yes, that same one that looks out for members' dues.

Dear Paris, Here's An Idea….

For the past few weeks, I've been astonished to find there's been no front page news on the life and times of Hilton heiress, Paris. I mean, with America at war, the healthcare system in disarray, and a presidential election creeping up, what else could possibly be more worthy of breaking news than Paris's recovery from her time in the slammer.

Bono's Vanity - Showcasing Africa, or Promoting its Glamorous Patrons?

Africa is now everyone’s pet cause. It offers an opportunity to shine for northern political leaders unpopular at home, and for Hollywood actresses and former and current pop stars to be seen doing their bit for humanity by lining up to visit the continent (mainly its children) or pleading its case in Western capitals.

Ron Paul Fundraising - Military Personnel Want Us Out of Iraq

If you were to look at the latest fundraising numbers for the second quarter of 2007, you would see that military personnel donated to the Ron Paul campaign in the largest number.

Proud to be an American

I take great pride not in the fact that I am a soldier, but in the fact that I am an American soldier. I am as capable at helping others as I am at hurting them, and I take far more pleasure in the former than I do in the latter. I am immensely proud and humbled to have the honor of representing my nation, as a member of the armed forces, in bringing relief to those who need it, and justice to those who deserve it.

Alabama Sex Toy Law - No Vibrators Allowed

In Alabama, guns are sold everywhere, but sex toys are banned. Now the state law banning the sale of vibrators may go before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case will garner a lot of attention.

Hillary Wants A "Do Over"

Poor Hillary Clinton is lamenting her vote authorizing the Commander In Chief (CIC) President Bush to go to war against Iraq. Ever the victim this senator and former butt of Bill Clinton's philandering is now claiming she was fooled by G.W. Bush.

Taliban Using Child Suicide Bombers

Taliban 'recruiters' have been showing up in madrassas in Pakistan and educating children in the arts of terrorism. This includes showing the children videos of suicide attacks and teaching them how to drive cars and motorcycles.

Iran again accusing Britain of involvement in Ahwaz

The Iranian newly launched international satellite TV, together with Press has accused Britain of training Ahwazi Arab's in an army camp in Jordan.

Ron Paul's Support Moving to the Streets

Ron Paul has grown in support in the Internet and it is moving to the streets.

EU Rides Herd on Pro Life Nations - Threatens No Membership

After WW2 a few voices could be heard that called for America to set the moral tone for the rest of the world. Such leadership is rarely spoken of today and in less than a generation it may have completely reversed.

John McCain: An Honorable Man Unfit for the Presidency

Being a successful commander-in-chief requires objective thinking, of which McCain probably isn’t capable. His service to his nation, both in the military and out, has been honorable, notwithstanding his imprudent criticism of a president in his own party during a war. He’s only following his heart, one assumes. But it takes more than heart to win.

President Sarkozy and the French Jogging Controversy

In France the jogging habit of President Sarkozy has become the subject of debate, analysis and yes ... even psychoanalysis. In the cafes favored by Paris intellectuals the talk is no longer about existentialism or post-modernism - but about Sarkozy's penchant for dressing in shorts and runners, then hitting the road in order to engage in an activity involving leg-propelled forward momentum and the generation of sweat.

An Immigration Plan - From An Ordinary Citizen

There seems to be no appropriate way to totally satisfy the illegal factor of those who have worked and continue to work illegally. Deportation of 12 million people does not seem possible or desirable. In the absence of a perfect, just plan, many individuals should offer up what they think best.

UK Muslims Join Backlash Against Extremism

The unsuccessful terror attacks in the UK this month have prompted a number of welcome responses from voices in the British Muslim community. Increasingly moderate Muslim voices in the UK are speaking out against Islamic inspired violence.