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The Polar War

The US and Canada argue over rights in the North-west Passage, Norway and Russia differ over the Barents Sea, Canada and Denmark are competing over a small islands off Greenland, the Russian parliament is refusing to ratify an agreement with the US over the Bering Sea and Denmark is claiming the North Pole itself.

Income Inequality Is A Positive Indicator

America is a free nation. Each individual can earn as much money as his or her ability and effort permit. This results in income inequality because different individuals in different professions and jobs with different skills, abilities and work ethics create different amounts of wealth. Such differences are a good thing.

The Shambo Saga : A Load of Sacred Bull

Rationally speaking, it is a load of bull to make a sacred object of worship out of a penned, TB-infected animal such as the late Shambo of the Skanda Vale temple in Wales. The Friesian bull, elevated to sacred status by the devotees of the Skanda Vale temple, was given a lethal injection recently to put it out of its misery and to ensure that TB doesn't spread to other livestock.

Tyranny Terror and Moral Relativism - America's Shifting Battlefronts

Moral relativism is the inability to see any moral absolutes outside of cultural parameters or the personal preferences of an individual. If it seems right to you, then it is right. It is all a matter of arbitrary personal subjectivity and need not answer to anyone other than the individual or cultural group. If enough people say it is OK, then it is redeemed by the crowd. Moral relativism spawns an entire family in short notice. Far left liberalism, situation ethics, neo-morality and a million lesser known but equally prurient cancers have collegiality with moral relativism.

The Deadly Silence

Welcome to Washington, D.C., Congress, and the Senate of the United States. "The people have spoken" was the lead in to the victory dance of the Democrats. Yes, the people have spoken but their words apparently did not have much meaning or significant warning.

The Balance of Power Returns to US Foreign Policy in the Middle East

With the proposed decision to sell some $63 billion in weapons to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and a number of the Persian Gulf States over the next 10 years, the United States has restored balance of power considerations to its regional foreign policy.

Dems Can No Longer Use The Economy Excuse

Some economic news came out of Washington this week which should give every Democratic candidate for President reason to pause. What this news bulletin shows is that Dems can no longer repeat the tired Clinton Era mantra, "It's the economy, stupid."

Is Ward Churchill Too Dumb To Teach Our Kids?

This week Ward Churchill was fired by the University of Colorado. The university apparently decided that they should finally look into the man that they have allowed to run rampant around their campus and found that this was a man who stole the work of others (plagiarized), concocted events which he later passed off as "history", and committed other dubious acts of while within the world of academia.

An Immigration Tragedy

For all those who protest any effort to crack down on illegal immigration - for those who claim that we should pursue an open borders policy at all costs - I can only hope that you will study the story of Zina Linnik and reconsider a course which is putting our children at serious risk.

President Bush - Congress Get Off His Back

The President has created a mess-but he can not leave things that way. He has to resolve the situation. He must defeat the terrorist on this battleground. If he does not, Iraq may become like Afghanistan under the Taliban. Like Iran, another dictator will arise and things could become worse than under Saddam-if that is possible.

Jumping To Foregone Conclusions

On Monday I was reading about a study which supposedly shows that American individualism hinders our ability to understand others. Now the counter claim in this study is that collectivist societies (communist, socialist, etc.) help people that live under them understand others better and take into account their "point of view".

The Guns of Chicago

Gang violence escalates in Chicago as the weather gets warmer. Many young people senselessly lose their lives as victims of gang warfare. Political activists use these tragic events to push for even stricter gun control laws.

The Return of Class Warfare

At a recent hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, Chairman Barney Frank lectured Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke at length about income inequality before saying, “I apologize. You haven’t given your opening statement yet. If this had been my first hearing, I could explain that mistake a little bit easier. No good explanation comes to mind.”

Haditha, The Laws of War, and Politics

If the Marines at Haditha started indiscriminately killing civilians, they should pay for their crimes. However, there are those who never cease the chance to start throwing corpses at political opponents who are using this event to paint the military as a bunch of baby-killers or "prove" the policy of the United States is just to start killing people wherever they are.

Why Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States

First of all, the competition. Where do the Republicans come up with these kind of guys? Even fellow Republican Newt Gingrich, I call him Newt Gingrinch - the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, recently called them "pathetic" and "pygmies." And if Gingrinch joins the race he would be the most pathetic of all the pygmies.