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The Coming Destruction of Gen David Petraeus

You have to feel sorry for General Petraeus. He's about to be vanquished by an enemy he never saw coming: his own government.

China's Economic Blackmail Is Working

Our government depends on China for loaning us money and for not dumping the vast hoard of over one trillion dollars it has accumulated by financing our huge deficits and selling us virtually everything. Dumping dollars is called the Chinese economic nuclear option. They can wreck the American economy any time they want. America is being held hostage because of our government’s disastrous fiscal and trade policies. And, yes, all this middle-class-killing free trade globalization favors corporate interests. (Photo: Martin Boulanger.)

Ron Paul Needs Million Man March

Lets gather our things and bring a million people to march in to Washington and demand to be heard. People have stood together in the past and so should we now. If this cause is what we want then this cause is what we must amass in historic number to show our love for this country.

I'm Gonna Get You Sucker

What if just hypothetically, you had spoken out against the government or exposed government corruption. Then you're pulled over by police and they look at your driver license and say, "Yeah that looks like the guy." You are arrested and taken downtown and booked on a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Text Messaging - Worse Than Drunk Driving?

Would you rather ride in a vehicle driven by someone who has downed 6 beers and 3 scotches, or someone who is a compulsive text messaging addict? I think I would prefer to take my chances with the bar fly, at least you know that he will keep his eyes on the road - more or less.

2008 Presidential Election

The Republican Party has become very weird in recent years, very militant and aggressive. Many claiming to be Christians in many cases, yet being anti-poor, for torture of prisoners, and in many other cases opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I think the Republican Party may represent apostate Christianity. The only notable difference is Ron Paul.

Critical Mass of Power and Money

Critical mass: The smallest amount of fissionable material that morphs nuclear reactors from hulks of useless metal and pipes into the most potent source of power harnessed by man. The same principal applies to FREEDOM CHAMPIONS who support the next President of These United States, Dr. Ron Paul and/or the Libertarian Party.

Logo Sponsored Presidential Hopefuls Debate - Prepping a Minority or Pandering

Six of the eight Democratic hopefuls were scrutinized by the gay community in a TV forum sponsored by the gay network Logo this week. The gay's golden boy Dennis Kucinich carried the show with full sycophantic gushing and promises of giving them all they want if he becomes president. The Gays were not happy to see that most of the hopefuls were attuned only to civil unions and not so much for "marriage" between same sex couples.

Is Congressman Ron Paul Really A Champion For The Constitution?

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has attracted surprising support. He calls himself a "champion for the Constitution." Just one problem - he has not taken a position on Congress obeying Article V of the Constitution and giving Americans the nation's first Article V convention to propose constitutional amendments.

Insights Into the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

America’s physical, engineered infrastructure has been in desperate need for massive spending to repair and replace, but the multi-trillion-dollar cost has been rejected by local, state and federal politicians. We have had bipartisan government neglect. The bridge fell down because our politicians have let us down.

The Constitution For Dummies (i.e. Ron Paul Supporters)

I will freely admit that I did a bad, bad thing last week. Well, it wasn't a really "bad" thing unless you were one of those that fell for it I guess. What did I do that was so bad? I set up the Paulbots. Yes, evil rotten me, I know. When I wrote "Earmarking Our Way to Oblivion" I purposefully left out any mention of Ron Paul even though I knew he was just as dirty as all the rest. See, Mr. Paul's own earmark fetish was certainly no real secret to anyone paying attention and with enough desire to dig a little. But the Paulbots were quick to comment about how because of the corruption that earmarks bring and how that they many times violate the Constitutional powers of Congress that this is exactly the reason why we needed Ron Paul.

Ron Paul For President

Why should Ron Paul be the next president of the United States?

Bully Bosses - Fighting Back

Bully bosses have been known to make their employees sick - literally. Depression, anxiety attacks and other stress related conditions are fairly common in offices where a tyrant reigns supreme. Those who appointed him or her often tolerate this state-of-affairs. They view the bully as assertive and goal oriented. Employees who complain tend to be viewed as 'the problem'.

America Shares Grief With Minneapolis - Many Miracles Amid The Mayhem

The collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis is a tragedy of gargantuan proportions but it was followed by bravery, stories of heroism and miracles also on a grand scale.

Earmarking Our Way To Oblivion

James Madison once remarked, "with respect to the two words general welfare, I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators." In writing that letter to James Robertson, he reiterated the sentiments he shared with the nation in Federalist 41 where he denounced objections by the anti-Federalists to the term "general Welfare" being included in the Constitution because of it’s presumption of an unlimited and open ended scope as without "color".