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Court Decision Opens Competency Files on Doctors

Ever wondered how good the doctors are that you go to? A new federal court ruling will open never-before-available files about doctors. This will allow patients, business owners and insurors to see how well docs perform.

Ron Paul - Personal Beliefs vs Political Beliefs

An analysis of Ron Paul's personal beliefs and his personal believes showing some contradictions. There seems to be some confusion about what Ron Paul's intentions might be in running for President.

The Dissolution of American Privacy

We don't want to think about it, but our private lives have become public. Technology growth is removing our personal privacy and allowing almost every aspect of our lives to be tracked, recorded and evaluated. Most people don't have anything to hide, but it is disconcerting when a simple purchase is recorded and analyzed, or a trip to run daily errands is scrutinized by hidden eyes and recorded in a database.

China - The Great Red Cyber Army

In the early years computer hacking was pretty much limited to individuals who acquired unconventional skills and the software to apply it. Over time hacking became more organized, with gangs employing hackers to engage in a variety cyber crimes. These days the hacking art has become almost an institutionalized resource in an information war that is being waged by nations at the highest political levels.

Ron Paul - 3 Political Positions Voters Must Understand

Ron Paul is the most widely followed presidential candidate on the internet - yet many of his political positions are poorly understood. Ron Paul calls himself a "constitutionalist". To properly understand Ron Paul as a political candidate - one must examine his political positions in the context of his underlying constitutionalist philosophies.

Ron Paul - A Gun Rights Voter's Dream Come True?

One of his more bold political stances is his view of the 2nd Amendment (i.e. gun rights). Look at the follow quote from this document - Gun Rights vs. Centralization.

Debate Analysis- We're in Trouble

Like watching traditional Japanese Kabuki theater, the stylized actions at the Republican Presidential "debate" in Durham, NH on Sept. 5 revealed the expected. It also revealed a little more: the establishment's breathtaking fear of one of the candidates.

Ron Paul & Roe v Wade

Ron Paul is a hot topic these days for daily internet users. He calls himself a "constitutionalist" - in other words - his political policies adhere to a strict interpretation of the constitution. Foremost in these policies is that the federal government has no jurisdiction over abortion.

The Price of Friendship

Friendship is a true gift, whether it's between kindergartners on the playground or countries in the midst of political turmoil. Alliances between nations can be seen as friendship taken to the international level.

Change the Constitution - Necessary and Dumb

Amending the Constitution, while seldom done since its inception, is sometimes as necessary as repealing amendments that have been passed and just aren't working out.

We the Legacy?

Legacy? I find that hard to believe, yet the contrived media sonderkommandos continue to give rave reviews to The Royal None Such. Even though most of them began their careers reading hog reports or giving the play by play on high school football games it still stretches the bounds of credibility.

Making the Maverick Mainstream - The Saga of Ron Paul

Travel to Ron Paul's campaign site, and you see a website that nearly shouts "social networking." A list of social networking sites is prominently displayed on the home page; there's a You Tube video clip, a Meetup Competition, and a list of recent donors. It's all so 21st century.

Who Cares About Our Interventionist Foreign Policy?

The most important problem America is facing is not even discussed or mentioned till now in various presidential campaigns. Except Ron Paul, all other candidates think that our interventionist foreign policy must continue.

Latent Nazis -Conversations with Young German Intellectuals

The generations of Germans that have grown up in a post Cold War and united country are again imbibing the volatile compound of victimhood and haughtiness. German historians and intellectuals are casting their compatriots as the victims of both Hitler's barbaric regime and the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Allies.

You're In Bad Hands With Nanny State

Thomas Jefferson wrote in his autobiography that, "Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread." And boy was he ever right on that. Because since the time he wrote those words we have seen what happens when governments dictate to the people how to "sow" and when to "reap". What's that? You want a list? Ok, how about any number of the currently floundering European style socialist states, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and the former Soviet Union for starters.