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Train Your Brain and Improve Vision and Focus with the Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS does more than give you cute dogs to play with; it actually can help you exercise your brain and improve your vision.

BioShock Review

I had to go all the way to Toys R Us for this game, but it was well worth the trip. BioShock was scheduled for a August 21 release date; however, the game is exclusively available at Toys R Us until next week.

The Hardware Debate

So it's been one of the oldest debates in gaming - Does hardware make you a better player? If you listen to ads from Logitech, Nvidia, and other retailers, they will tell you that you will lose big time without their latest and greatest chips and mice.

Sony's Latest Release - The PSP Camera

The PSP camera was first announced at the E3 in Japan in March of 2006, where it also made its first public demo behind protective glass. The camera will don the name of Chotto Shot. Physically it is a small and seemingly basic camera lens about the size of the bottom half of your thumb that attaches to the top of the PSP system just above the screen.

Wii And Playstation3: The Latest Battle Of The Gaming Consoles

It seems almost like a Christmas ritual: there's a Next Big Thing in the video game world almost every holiday season. Last year featured a particularly interesting competition between the new gaming hardware put on the market by Nintendo and their prime competitor, Sony with its PlayStation series.

Nintendo Wii: Redefining an Industry

Nintendo's latest home console system was released in North America on November 19th 2006. Nintendo's goal seems to focus on casual games which entertain a broad demographic of gamers and non-gamers. Nintendo's product is the cheapest new generation home console system on the market, retailing for USD $249.99, and challenges to change the way people think about gaming.

The Mystery Of PSP Camera Unveiled!

The Portable Camera for Sony PlayStation has been the topic of a whole lot of attention but very little info in the long way of its release. So here is some info about PSP camera.

Shigeru Miyamoto: The Father of Modern Video Gaming

A brief bio of the father of modern video gaming, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Now Get Instant Messaging on Your PlayStation Portable with AIMonPSP

Can you talk to your online buddy if you are away from a computer? Well, if you have a Sony PSP, you can. A new service now allows you to use AOL Instant Messaging on a Sony PSP. Appropriately enough, this service is called AIMonPSP.

Console War-XBOX 360 vs. Playstation 3

XBOX 360 vs Playstation 3, in what can be called....The Clash of the Gaming TITANS! Both of these systems are headed for the top, but there can only be one true console king. Who do you think will Reign Surpreme?

A Guide to Downloading Music to Your PSP

Some people have had trouble downloading music to their PSP. It is actually very simple to do, but some technical difficulties do come into play. Here's how to do it.

Gamers Downloading America's Army

A few American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have had an unusual mission lately -- they are starring in a video game for the U.S. Army.

Movements, Spirituality Of Ancient Central Americans Tracked Using Satellites, Video Game Technology

Satellite imagery meshed with video-game technology is allowing University of Colorado at Boulder and NASA researchers to virtually "fly" along footpaths used by Central Americans 2,000 years ago on spiritual pilgrimages to ancestral cemeteries.

A Reason Why Video Games are Hard to Give Up

Kids and adults will stay glued to video games this holiday season because the fun of playing actually is rooted in fulfilling their basic psychological needs.

Atari Launches ’Arthur And The Minimoys’ For Game Boy Advance And DS

Atari today announced the launch of Arthur and the Minimoys for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance.