Madonna - Avant-Garde Icon



Madonna is a true artist. To be an artist, one lives the work, incorporates a big part of themselves, from their personality, to their tragedies, their joys, their point of view, be it political, religious or life in general. Madonna has taken various aspects of her life, from her big dreaming days back in New York City before worldwide fame, up into present time. She has continuously been able to blend everything together into a popular form of artistry, that of pop star, but from a truly unique place, her own point of view, which has crossed over into a spiritual realm, hence her latest incantation.

This is not only true genius, a woman in total control in a difficult business, or a massive talent, but a woman who performs from her very being. Just watch her in concert. Look at her face when she sings, her throat quivering in emotion and feeling, the sparkle in her eyes, the glow in her skin. Maybe she is thinking about all her successes and riches, and this inspires her, or maybe not. Madonna may want to stay on top of her game, but she has nothing to prove, she has showed the world her immense range of talent and delivered the goods ten fold. Madonna's sense of discipline comes from a place of true devotion to the work itself, and to prove to herself what she can do. That is how she grows as a person. Dancers can relate to Madonna, singers can identify with her abilities, musicians, rich, poor, gay, straight, people of all ages, many have been affected by her, and why? Because she is avant-garde. She is that rare form of artist that has lasted, not only because of so-called reinventing, but because of who she is throughout her life in various forms and incantations of spotlight. She is timeless and classic, yet truly modern, her ability to go through the revolving door of change as effortless as her dance steps. One could leave off there, but many would like to argue this simple essay. Why?

Out of misunderstanding, dislike of her music, or her controversial approach throughout the years, but most obviously plain, old-fashioned jealousy of her phenomenal success. People may resent her, but don't discredit the artist. Critics of Madonna often see a megalomaniac personality, the "button pusher" who has the natural ability to get under someone's skin in both positive and negative ways. At the very least Madonna, with all her wealth building and artistic endevour, has had the guts to admit during various interviews that she has said things in the past that have hurt people, and owns up to some of her mistakes. So what else can anybody write about her, aside from judging the artist as a seperate entity alltogether? She wouldn't have lasted this long if she didn't have talent, failed to inspire, and that's what is most important, she is relevant. It is her personality and aggressiveness that has molded her image, and is her saving grace. That in-your-face style is the force behind every beat, and that is what people admire, aside from catchy hooks and pulsating rythms, Madonna's strength in general. Not only is she an artist, but a modern woman putting it out there, and all on the line.

Linda Stamberger is the author of Antiquing In Florida and has written professionally in the past about music and entertainment. She attended the Martha Graham Dance Institute, and won a writing scholarship to Southampton College. A lover of literature and creativity, she is currently at work on a novel, and is a freelance writer as well.

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