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The Harmonics of Sound

Archaeological records indicate that all ancient cultures developed orthodox musical systems based on a pentatonic scale. While there might be a supernatural or metaphysical connection to account for how so many far-flung cultures came to this same conclusion, there is a very simple and down to earth explanation for it as well.

Isaac Hayes - 1942-2008

Isaac Hayes died yesterday (10/08/08) in Memphis Tennessee, 10 days shy of his 66th birthday. He was found unconscious next to a still running treadmill. It is believed he suffered from a massive stroke and later died in Memphis Baptist Memorial Hospital. He married 4 times and left behind 12 children.

Singer, Songwriter Isaac Hayes Dies

Legendary soul singer, composer and actor Isaac Hayes died Sunday, August 10, at his home in East Memphis, Tennessee. He was 65. Hayes was found unconscious on the floor near a treadmill that was left operating.

The Beatles: The Biography

The Beatles and the band's music continue to captivate millions to this day. Yet the world may never have heard of John, Paul, George and Ringo if not for a fateful meeting that started it all.

Headphones and What's Important To Know

We can choose from many designs and types. Of course, the type you purchase all depends on how you want to listen to your music, how much money you're willing to spend, and a biggy...how much comfort you want.

An Analysis of HBO Performance Music Specials - Britney vs Justin

Justin Timberlake's HBO special ran for the first time on HBO last night, on Labor Day 2007. In the show Justin proceeded to perform hits from his first two solo albums. The music was fabulous. However, the show also included two direct finger flip off's to the camera from Justin, about four or five lingerie prancing dancers in his song "Damn Girl", a segment where Justin proceeds to do a round of hard alcohol shots with his performers and the audience and more than a handful of F-word quotes.

Casey Driessen Shows Many Styles on Debut Album, '3D'

Although 3D is Casey Driessen's first solo album, you've probably heard his fiddle-playing before if you're a fan of American roots musicians like Steve Earle, Tim O'Brien and Bela Fleck or pop singer John Mayer. While Driessen is best known for playing bluegrass fiddle, his debut album shows he's at home playing in many other styles. Katherine Cole tells us more about the young musician and his CD, titled "3D."

Greed In The Digital Age

Remember those early days of the compact disc? The price of music nearly doubled to $15.99 because of the new technology. I recall reading that the increased price would come down once new disc making factories were built. Never happened.

Hip Hop Music - Hip Hop Is Alive

What has happened to hip hop music? I have seen a disgraceful turn for the worse on my tv screen, but let's review some real hip hop music.

Tribute Album Aims to Help Rebuild Fats Domino's Hurricane-Damaged Home

One of the many thousands who lost their homes and belongings to Hurricane Katrina was New Orleans music legend and lifelong resident "Fats" Domino. Although it's been nearly two years since Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Domino is still struggling to rebuild. As Doug Levine tells us, his wait may be over as more than two dozen world-famous performers rush to his aid with a new charity tribute album.

The Day the Music Died

Different generations tend to remember different things. But, there is one event - due partly to Don McLean's tribute song - that transcends eras: if you love music, then you probably know about the day it died.

Sum 41 - Underclass Hero

It seems like Sum 41 has turned into a solo project of the band’s vocalist Deryck Whibley. He penned the songs, took a position of the album’s producer and finally a black and white cover of a new disk depicts only one person and you know who it is.

A Spoonful of Disney's Best Composer - Richard M. Sherman

Walt Disney saw more than just songwriting as the talent of Richard M. Sherman and his brother Robert B. Sherman and they were often his "troubleshooters". Although they won the Academy Award for their music in "Mary Poppins" they were even involved with the story for that classic film that many consider the pinnacle of Walt Disney's productions.

Jazz World Mourns Loss of Bebop 'Architect'

The jazz world is mourning the loss of one of its greatest drummers, Max Roach. Among the so-called "architects" of the be-bop movement, Roach died in his sleep on August 16 at a hospital in New York. He was 83.

What's The Deal With The RIAA?

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has had a huge problem for years. Most consumers do not know what they are about or what they promote and protect but they still cringe at the sound of expensive lawsuits and possible prison time if they happen to download a copy of the latest Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson single.