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Online Market Research Trends in 2007

With the increasing popularity of cell phones, caller id's and broadband internet technology, market researchers are quickly following consumers to the world wide web. For business owners, the struggle to stay in touch and reach out to consumers using traditional market research techniques is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Surrender Your Mind to The Internet - Why Not Google!

Google has made deals with several news groups to collect their stories and post them on Google's site rather than re-directing users to the actual news sources. This is a major move that will no doubt kill weak newspapers who have lost ground to the Internet and laid off people to compete on price.

Social Media: The Instant Brand Killer

Social networking is like viral marketing on steroids. Companies can release a new product in the morning and have it talked about by millions of users on thousands of sites by the afternoon. But users can love a product one minute and then drop it like a lead balloon the next, depending on their experience with the product, a rumor, or whether they have had their morning coffee yet.

Internet Porn : Practical Solutions Not Anti-Porn McCarthyism

As pornography continues to make inroads in American culture, there is a marked increase in the number of moral vigilantes and whistle blowers who at times come across as more sex obsessed than the average porn user.

GunBroker.com Benefits From Changes to eBay Firearms Auction Policy

Though eBay has changed its policies to prohibit the auction of firearm parts such as barrels, magazines and trigger assemblies thousands of gun part auctions will continue to take place on GunBroker.com, the Web's largest hunting and sport shooting auction site.

Rights Group Says Yahoo May Have Lied to Congress

A human rights group says new evidence has emerged that, if genuine, suggests the internet company Yahoo lied to the U.S. Congress about its role in the conviction of Chinese political dissidents. Yahoo says the suggestion is false.

What Is A Botnet?

A botnet is a network of zombie computers controlled by a single entity. The term is a portmanteau of the phrase "Robot Network". Usually, the zombies in use of a botnet are compromised computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system that have been infected with some sort of malware.

Ruby vs Java Conundrum

The Ruby language and Rails framework have been gaining rapid prominence and fast becoming development platforms of choice for many Web 2.0 applications and sites. This rapid rise is raising questions on the abilities and applicability of Java technologies for particular kind of products.

Google Has Done It Again! The Google Voice Local Search

You won't believe what Google made this time! What does Google Voice Local Search actually do? Can you use it too?

The Web and the 2008 Presidential Race

A lot of people have expressed that there is too much buzz on the upcoming 2008 presidential race. They are saying that since the election is more than a year away, there is no need to be excited. However, it is clear that more and more people are starting to become involved in the election away because of the advances in modern technology.

Web 2.0 - Hoarding, not Erudition

Hoarding has replaced erudition everywhere. People hoard e-books, mp3 tracks, and photos. They memorize numerous fact and "facts" but can't tell the difference between them or connect the dots. The synoptic view of knowledge, the interconnectivity of data, the emergence of insight from treasure-troves of information are all lost arts.

Configuring Your Own Adsl Router

Configuring an ASDL router with a local area network is no longer the exclusive domain of computer savvy network administrators and technicians. Routers are becoming increasingly easier to set up according to anyone’s specific needs. Many of these network devices offer an online feature that allows the user to do the configuring in a graphical interface setting after logging in.

What Is MDI - Media Delivery Index?

Media Delivery Index is an open standard for use in quality assurance of IP video systems. MDI is designed to address the problem of monitoring IP-encapsulated video signals in a live system. The RFC (RFC 4445) for MDI details the technicalities of this in depth, but the issue of how this applies to real systems is more useful for many people, and that is the aim of this article.

Conservapedia ... Believe It Or Not!

An online encyclopedia with the blatantly partisan name "Conservapedia" has appeared on the internet in an effort to restore encyclopedic balance. The founder is a guy named Andy Schlafly. He's out to rectify what he describes as Wikipedia's "liberal bias".

Why Facebook Is Worth Over $10 Billion

Yahoo! have been in talks with Facebook for over a year now and apparently recently got shy at Facebook’s $1 billion asking price but as I will explain here Yahoo! have missed out on an absolute bargain.