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Celebrate Vinyl Record Day

When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph on August 12, 1877, little did he know just how much influence his “Talking Machine” would have, not only in the music industry, but in pop culture as well. Records are a part of the music of the ages and it is up to us as individuals and retailers, not only to enjoy our favorite recordings, but to preserve them as well; thus Vinyl Record Day was born.

George Frederich Handel

Considered by many of his time (and this) as one of the greatest composers who ever lived, George Frederick Handel became that through excellent beginnings. He was born to a wealthy German family in Halle in 1685. He had nine other siblings, some of which were half-siblings. His father, also named George, was 63 at the time, his mother was 34.

Wyclef Jean - Providing Haitian Music

Throughout his career Wyclef never forgot his root. Jean is always proud of his country and is working to extend the Haitian musical industry . This famous artist is one of the people that will be happy to see his nation moving forward.

Ruby vs Java Conundrum

The Ruby language and Rails framework have been gaining rapid prominence and fast becoming development platforms of choice for many Web 2.0 applications and sites. This rapid rise is raising questions on the abilities and applicability of Java technologies for particular kind of products.

Saxophonist 'Boots Randolph' Dies

Boots Randolph, a saxophone player best known for his 1963 hit "Yakety Sax," died July 3 in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 80. He had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage June 25 and had been hospitalized in a coma.

Can the News Media Ever be Responsible to Society?

Thousands of humans can be slaughtered by genocide in Somalia or some other part of the world and we hear little of it, yet, a car bomb in England can be thwarted and we hear it on all the news media regurgitated for days followed up by the garbage can bomb idea. Let's spread more fear for the terrorist to gloat.

Google Has Done It Again! The Google Voice Local Search

You won't believe what Google made this time! What does Google Voice Local Search actually do? Can you use it too?

The Politics of News

The non-coverage of Dirkhising's case and the implication that murders by gays aren't as newsworthy as murders by straights, led to an explosion of anger on the Internet and talk radio. Some of this came from haters. But a lot came from people who sensed the double standard: If Jesse Dirkhising had been a gay youngster tortured and killed by straight men, the story would have gone national in a heartbeat.

The Power of Words - Hip Hop

The basis of Hip Hop is poetically using words. Hip Hop has been flipping words since day one. Emcees have mesmerized us with the gift of gab and fly vocab for years. Rappers have spit the most illest of lines and counted them as just a rhyme…but spoken words are so much more than most give them credit for.

Vinyl Records

MP3 downloads via the internet are steadily killing the vinyl market and making it increasingly difficult for your average record dealer to survive with record shops closing down at an increasing rate. But MP3 will very likely replace CD, not vinyl, with it's far superior sound and great sleeve artwork of course.

The Hardware Debate

So it's been one of the oldest debates in gaming - Does hardware make you a better player? If you listen to ads from Logitech, Nvidia, and other retailers, they will tell you that you will lose big time without their latest and greatest chips and mice.

User Generated Revolution in Show Business?

A new revolution is taking shape in the movie industry that challenges traditional film making to the core. Spurred by a newfound passion amongst movie lovers to create their own content, thousands are coming together to form communities that will create movies via collaboration over the web. There's no stopping this wave, as community film budgets get bigger and bigger, an ostensible threat to filmmakers, who are already struggling to get their share at the box office.

The Village People - Where are They Now?

Whenever we hear the letters "Y," "M," "C," or "A," it is hard not to think of The Village People. A disco group made up of an Indian, a police officer, a construction worker, a cowboy, a military man, a biker and, on occasion, a sailor, it's fair to say that this group of people were about as original as they come.

Dixie Chicks Taking The Long Way Country Music CD Review

Not sure what’s happening with me on this one, but it seems like the more I listen to it, the better Taking The Long Way gets. Taking The Long Way simply put is one of their best CDs to date.

Do You Know Why the American Flag is Folded Exactly 13 Times?

The American flag is folded 13 times to represent the original 13 colonies. The honor guard also pays meticulous attention of correctly folding the American flag as well. Some military traditions and rituals have a deep patriotic meaning, and this one especially should always be honored, and should never be taken lightly.