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Britney Spears Caught on Film as She Scrapes Parked Car

Britney Spears Caught on Film as She Scrapes Parked Car.

CreateSpace, an Amazon Business, Launches Books on Demand Self-Publishing Service for Authors

CreateSpace, part of the Amazon.com, Inc. group of companies, today announced the launch of a new online Books on Demand service.

Who Will Save The Music

Will music survive another 20 years? Yes most definitely but will it be quality or just a sad collection of soulless pre-made beats and canned vocals?

The Death of Dorothy Hunt - Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 1

The death of Dorothy Hunt was a suspicious coincidence in that she died after being paid for her husband's silence in the Watergate case. But why did Richard Nixon think she also had information about the murder of President John F. Kennedy?

Belly - The Revolution Rap Hip Hop CD Review

Belly's debut album is "The Revolution" which came out on June 5th of this year. I first heard Belly when picking up tickets to attend a Snoop Dogg concert. The guy I bought the tickets from told me to be ready for a stacked show. He told me this Ottawa native with Palestine ancestry was as real as they get and to be ready for a great show. As this guy told me, the show was absolutely awesome. I could not believe the power of Belly's voice and how much emotion he drew into his music

NY Times Bestseller contradicts Dick Cheney’s claims

Is there a plan to create a network of superhighways to facilitate a merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada?

Rev. Al Sharpton Organizes Protests Against Degrading Rap Lyrics

The Rev. Al Sharpton orchestrated protests in more than 20 U.S. cities over the use of degrading lyrics in rap songs.

Matt Damon Returns as Hero in 'The Bourne Ultimatum'

Matt Damon is back as undercover agent Jason Bourne in a new espionage action-adventure based on the best-selling books by Robert Ludlum. Alan Silverman spoke with the stars and filmmaker Paul Greengrass for this look at The Bourne Ultimatum.

The Meaning of Don McLean's "American Pie"

Don McLean's classic "American Pie" may be the most analyzed pop song in history... and one of the most parodied as well). Here is what the song means to many fans.

Islamic Creationism According to Mr Yahya

A mysterious new book called "The Atlas of Creation" has been showing up in the mail boxes of prominent US academics and politicians in a well coordinated mailing campaign. You might expect a book that arrives unsolicited to be little more than a large tract, but in fact "The Atlas of Creation" is a sumptuous production by any standard.

Internet Porn : Practical Solutions Not Anti-Porn McCarthyism

As pornography continues to make inroads in American culture, there is a marked increase in the number of moral vigilantes and whistle blowers who at times come across as more sex obsessed than the average porn user.

GunBroker.com Benefits From Changes to eBay Firearms Auction Policy

Though eBay has changed its policies to prohibit the auction of firearm parts such as barrels, magazines and trigger assemblies thousands of gun part auctions will continue to take place on GunBroker.com, the Web's largest hunting and sport shooting auction site.

Italy Calls Agreement With Getty Museum to Return Ancient Artifacts 'Historic'

Italy's culture minister is calling an accord reached with the J. Paul Getty Museum for the return of 40 ancient artifacts "historic" and a victory for artistic ethics. Sabina Castelfranco reports from Rome that Francesco Rutelli also says it is a blow to looters and art traffickers worldwide.

Kelly Clarkson Gets Personal with 'My December'

Since winning the first "American Idol" competition in 2002, Kelly Clarkson has sold 15 million albums worldwide, and won two Grammy Awards. Her third album was recently released following a much-publicized feud with music mogul Clive Davis.

Paris Hilton to Star in Movie Musical

The 26-year-old celebrity heiress will appear with Paul Sorvino and Alexa Vega in Repo! The Genetic Opera. Hilton's publicist Elliott Mintz said July 31 that the film will begin shooting in Canada in September.