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A Spoonful of Disney's Best Composer - Richard M. Sherman

Walt Disney saw more than just songwriting as the talent of Richard M. Sherman and his brother Robert B. Sherman and they were often his "troubleshooters". Although they won the Academy Award for their music in "Mary Poppins" they were even involved with the story for that classic film that many consider the pinnacle of Walt Disney's productions.

BioShock Review

I had to go all the way to Toys R Us for this game, but it was well worth the trip. BioShock was scheduled for a August 21 release date; however, the game is exclusively available at Toys R Us until next week.

Jazz World Mourns Loss of Bebop 'Architect'

The jazz world is mourning the loss of one of its greatest drummers, Max Roach. Among the so-called "architects" of the be-bop movement, Roach died in his sleep on August 16 at a hospital in New York. He was 83.

What's The Deal With The RIAA?

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has had a huge problem for years. Most consumers do not know what they are about or what they promote and protect but they still cringe at the sound of expensive lawsuits and possible prison time if they happen to download a copy of the latest Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson single.

How to Find the Tightest Beats for Home-Studio Rappers and Producers

Google is a wanna-be rapper's best friend. By using the search engines, I have been able to stumble upon a few sites promising beats that work with my style.

DVD Review - 300

In ancient Greece, memories were kept alive through the oral tradition of storytelling; today we have blockbuster, big-budget movies enhanced with computer-generated images to tell our stories. In this dark horse film adaptation, 300 races to the finish line ahead of the rest.

Jessica Alba Joins Mike Myers in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment’s ’The Love Guru’ Due in Theaters June 20, 2008

Romany Malco and Verne Troyer Also Added to Cast of Comedy That Begins Shooting This September in Toronto.

9/11 heroes to be "honored" by mosque-like design?

Flight 93 is known as the "flight that fought back." How then could the committee created to honor the heroic passengers and crew be on the verge of approving a memorial design that is nothing less than the world’s largest outdoor mosque?

YouTube.com Elvis Video Competition

As part of worldwide celebrations to mark to 30th Anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, and to promote the worldwide search for The Worlds Greatest Elvis, a special Elvis Tribute Video Competition has just been launched on YouTube.com.

In Texas And Elsewhere Music And Sports Are Closely Linked

While music and sport are not generally talked about in the same sentence, there are historic connections between two of modern culture's biggest realms of influence.

The Death of Dorothy Hunt - Probing the Assassination of JFK, Part 2

What could a woman's death in a Chicago airport plane crash have to do with the death of John F. Kennedy? Her husband was Howard Hunt, a retired CIA agent, and Richard Nixon thought he knew a lot about the assassination of JFK.

Dryden Teaches Us The Rules Of Satire And The Role Of Ridiculing Banter

The historical setting of Dryden's poem Absalom and Achitophel was the arrest of the Earl of Shaftesbury in 1681 on a charge of high treason, for conspiring the death of the king and the subversion of the Government.

US Television Mogul Merv Griffin Dies

Merv Griffin, who moved from big-band crooner to television mogul, died August 12 of prostate cancer.

Evil Witches, Fallen Star Light Up in 'Stardust'

Evil witches, a fallen star and a young man in search of his heart's desire: these are just some of the elements in the new fantasy-adventure film adapted from a novel by popular science fiction author Neil Gaiman.

Jurors Visit Phil Spector's Home

Jurors in the Phil Spector murder trial paid an August 9 visit to the home of the famous music producer, where actress Lana Clarkson died in February, 2003.