Large Number of Undecideds May Support Ron Paul

If you were to consider Undecided to be a genuine candidate for the Republican nomination, it would be in the top tier. Most polls show that more potential Republican voters are undecided than those in support of Mitt Romney.

John McCain has been slipping in recent weeks due to poor fundraising numbers and a political campaign that has been seen as lackluster at best.

Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson represent the mainstream Republican party perspective and are the leaders in the race respectively. But the large pool of undecided voters have rejected the top tier candidates and are seeking an alternative to the mainstream voice.

The only Republican candidate that offers the alternative mainstream voice is Ron Paul. He is the only Republican candidate that has voted against the Iraq war, voted against funding it, and the only one that will pull the troops out immediately. He is staunchly against foreign involvement overseas and is a staunch critic of suspending liberties and rights of Americans for the price of safety.

Many claim that he is persona non grata in the Republican party because of his differing views. But the campaign sells themselves as the only true Conservatives in the race. The likelihood that these Undecided Republican voters are in favor of Ron Paul is pretty high because of the fact that Ron Paul supporters are Republicans that are dissatisfied with the direction of their party.

The latest polls suggest that Ron Paul is on his way up but he is still below the margin of error.

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