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Iran - Pakistan - India Pipeline Under Attack Before It´s Even Laid Out

Pipelines traversing international territories often get played up at moments as opportune as their location is strategic. An attack on a major oil or gas pipeline might not be as outlandish as it sounds, but in fact might be rather logical.

Chechnya's troubles spill over into Dagestan

Russia is intensifying efforts to assert the idea of 'managed democracy' that topped the public agenda at the onset of President Vladimir Putin's rule a decade ago. The many questions that arose at the time regarding the future of the Soviet Union have by far not been answered. But one thing is clear; inactivity is the ultimate in destruction.

The Options For Regime Change In Iran

If recent speeches by US officials on Iran's nuclear capability can be seen as part of a build up to a possible US-evoked regime change in Iran, the intelligence behind it is at once scant and abundant.

Iranian Elections - The Roadmap To Continued Apathy

Political lethargy is rife in Iran and turns into cynicism at election times. But despite people’s disappointment with politics, the country is heading for tough times, both economically and politically.

The US Far East Hegemony Is Under Siege From All Sides

The rise to prominency on the world stage of China and India has implications for the US hegemony in the Far East.

The Outlook for the European Union’s International Relationships

Europe’s future international relations hinge on the outcome of the debate about what to do with the rejected constitution. During the upcoming 16-17 June EU summit, a start will be made tackling the most pressing issues.

Egypt’s Cosmetic Democracy And What It’s Worth

The Egyptian population’s referendum on a constitutional amendment paving the way for a more convincing democracy has strongly been rejected by the country’s handful of opposition parties.

France And The EU Referendum

The most recent polls have shown French voters going back and forth in their support for the proposed European Union Constitution. Surveys ahead of the May 29th referendum show either the "yes" or the "no" camp winning by anywhere between four and six percentage points.

Hamas Now a Political Force in Palestine

In Palestinian municipal council elections earlier this month, Hamas won 30 of the 84 councils and dominated in four of the five major Palestinian cities.

Beset By Scandals, UN Is Seeking Reforms

Many analysts say the biggest problem for the United Nations is its failure to adapt to new global challenges.

Democracy, War and the Media - Uneasy Bedfellows All Round

Recent international wars and the often spectacular ways in which the established media is covering them, have given media researchers ample opportunity to see whether technological developments are giving us the opportunity to have a closer experience of democracy.

Germans Review Their World War Two Losses

Only in recent years german media have focused more attention on the human tragedy of the massive allied air raids during WWII. One reason for the current interest in the allied bombing of Germany is the curiosity of the new generation of Germans, free of the guilt their grandparents might have felt.

Are Biased Sources Replacing Standard News Networks in America?

More and more Americans are choosing to get their news from sources that reflect their political viewpoints. While the tradition of non-partisan news reporting is still alive in the United States, studies show that the tradition is being challenged by cable networks and the Internet.

Obscene Warner Music Executive Payouts

In these times of major label mergers, downsizing, the slashing of label rosters, and thousands of record company jobs being lost over the last three years comes one of the most disturbing reports we have come across. It further reveals just how profoundly out-of-touch certain companies TRULY are when addressing the problems within their own record divisions.

Russia's British Turning Point

British Petroleum teamed up with the Alfa Group-Access-Renova (AAR) concern to equally form Russia's third largest energy company. The new titan will digest Tyumen Oil Company (TNK) International, Rusia Petroleum and Sidanco Oil, which produce, between them, c. 1.2 million barrels per day. The combined outfit will tap between 5-9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves as well as perhaps 100 trillion cubic feet of gas.